Bill’s Point of View

Bill Veeck does commentary on several topics, including: 1) Coach 2) Ball Clubs For Sale 3) Best Athletes? ; BV background, introduction, montage

00:04Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:21Copy video clip URL Production card and countdown.

00:31Copy video clip URL “Bill’s Point of View” card.

00:40Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about how coaches/mentors affect their players: “There’s no reason to expect players to perform better than their mentors…”

1:30Copy video clip URL Veeck uses Lou Saban as an example of people who do not keep their word.

2:23Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about the amount of ball clubs for sale. It’s no longer a sellers market, unlike when Veeck bought the Cleveland Indians: “Three people were waiting to stand in line to buy [the Cleveland Indians].”

4:29Copy video clip URL Who are the best athletes? Veeck: “They’re all frauds! The real good athletes in this country are jockeys!…they are in absolutely the best physical shape of all the athletes…”

5:54Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about female riders: “Most of our jockeys in the future are going to be women…”

6:30Copy video clip URL Production card.

6:40Copy video clip URL “Background.” Veeck introduces himself for the first show of “Bill Veeck’s Saloon.”

8:23Copy video clip URL Exploding scoreboard. Narrator introducing Veeck for the beginning of “A Man for Any Season.”

9:07Copy video clip URL “This world would be better if so many people didn’t take it so seriously.”

9:30Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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