[Blues 4-22-82 #1]

Onstage discussion/performance with blues musicians Jimmy Walker, Billy Branch, Keith Edson, Greg Hall, Pete Crawford, and Lurie Bell.

00:02Copy video clip URL “Chicago Blues Urban Experience” Concert Poster for Jimmy Walker and Billy Branch. 

00:18Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Jimmy Walker and the show’s host, Barry Dolins, onstage. Walker plays casually on the piano. Dolins asks when he came to Chicago, and Walker answers that he came when he was three. He talks about his upbringing by a Jewish man on the South Side of Chicago. He talks about house parties and music in the prohibition years. They speak about some of the other piano players in the city, including Keith Johnson. Walker continues to casually play as they speak. Walker speaks about poverty in the city and his relationship with the police. He talks about brewing and selling moonshine. 

19:06Copy video clip URL Dolins asks him to play a boogie song. He begins to play. Footage of the performance. After the song, he says that he wants the “young fellows to take this mess off his shoulders.” The host introduces Billy Branch to play harmonica. 

25:55Copy video clip URL Branch comes onstage and introduces himself. He says that he’s from Chicago and then mentions a couple harmonica players that have inspired him. They play together. 

29:28Copy video clip URL A drummer, Keith Hudson, and bass player, Greg Hall, come onstage to join them. They both briefly introduce themselves. They set up, and then decide to bring the guitarist up. Pete Crawford comes onstage to play. 

34:30Copy video clip URL They begin to play.

39:48Copy video clip URL Song ends. They play another song with Branch as the vocalist.

46:00Copy video clip URL The song ends and Branch talks about the microphone he used. They bring out the final musician, Lurie Bell. They set up.

50:25Copy video clip URL They begin to play together. Bell is the vocalist.

59:08Copy video clip URL Song ends. Fade to black. 

59:21Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 

[Continued in Tape 19410.]



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