[Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini raw #1]

Raw footage of Jane Byrne's Easter Celebration at Cabrini Green in 1981. This tape includes most of the official program, including a preacher, a gospel choir, and Byrne, followed by informal footage of Byrne at the carnival.

0:00Copy video clip URL Unrelated opening B&W footage of an activist giving a speech.

0:11Copy video clip URL Open on Cabrini Green Easter festival 1981. Children play on police vehicles.

1:00Copy video clip URL Cut to the stage for the main presentation. A pastor preaches and does call and response in a manner reminiscent of James Brown: “Somebody cried in Cabrini Green. And God heard their cry. And God walked up to the 5th floor of City Hall, and God said to Mayor Byrne, ‘I heard the cry of my children in Cabrini Green. I want you to come over and tell old Pharaoh…'” Byrne is visible onstage sitting next to her husband, Jay McMullen. A banner reads, “Mayor Jane M. Byrne presents A Spiritual Easter Celebration” underneath a large cross with lilies draped on it.

4:26Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of the audience leaning against police department “horses” that provided an approximately 10 foot buffer between the audience and the stage. The sermon continues, then cut back to the stage and the podium with the official seal of the city of Chicago.

6:45Copy video clip URL Cut to a gospel choir and soloist singing onstage with Byrne clapping. Camera pans from the top of one of the Cabrini buildings back over to the choir and stage. Later, while the music continues, the camera shoots the nearby street sign, showing the event is taking place at the corner of Division and Cleveland.

13:35Copy video clip URL The pastor brings Mayor Byrne to the podium, repeating his description of God coming down to the 5th floor of City Hall and urging Byrne to tell Pharaoh to let his people go. He finishes with this message to Byrne: “We’re with you! We’re gonna support you! … And when the war’s over, we’re gonna win it! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!” Bryne leads the crowd in Handel’s Hallelujah chorus.

15:25Copy video clip URL The Hallelujah chorus is completed, and Byrne makes brief remarks explaining where various activities such as the Ferris wheel will be located. Another lady explains logistical details further. While this is happening, Byrne speaks to some children.

16:55Copy video clip URL Byrne leads a group singalong of Irving Berlin’s “Easter Parade.” “In your Easter bonnet, with all the ribbons on it / You’ll be the grandest fella in the Easter parade.” Pan of the crowd. Camera exits the stage area and begins walking around the festival.

18:01Copy video clip URL Cut to long shot of the stage, where the main presentation appears to be over, but Byrne and others are still standing. More shots of Cabrini buildings and of people walking around visiting the various booths and rides.

19:11Copy video clip URL Byrne walks among the crowd, surrounded by bodyguards or aides. She then rides the Ferris wheel with two children. Great shot of the ride with Cabrini buildings in the background.

21:34Copy video clip URL Footage ends.

Followed by brief b&w footage of an activist speaking in Spanish.



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