[Cabrini Dreams 3]

Footage filmed for the short documentary Cabrini Dreams, in which residents of Cabrini Green speak about their lives.

00:07Copy video clip URL Exterior shots of Cabrini Green and the surrounding area. The Sears and Hancock towers can be seen in the distance. 

06:00Copy video clip URL One of the videomakers/subjects of Cabrini Dreams, Walter Connolly, poses for the camera. More exterior shots. 

06:51Copy video clip URL Bird’s eye view of people down below the bridge from which they are filming. 

07:45Copy video clip URL A man standing in front William Walker’s mural Peace and Salvation: Wall of Understanding, painted in 1970 at 872 N. Orleans. The mural includes political messages (“Southern Africa: Time for a change”) and portraits of African Americans as well as local references. 

11:07Copy video clip URL Connolly interviews Charles Davis, a resident of Cabrini Green. He talks about a sense of “success” in terms of doing something that “makes me happy inside.” He talks about “trying to do different things” to figure out what makes him happy. 

12:19Copy video clip URL Connolly speaks with Davis’s son, a toddler named Jeffrey, who is too shy to speak. Connolly addresses the camera: “We are signing out here at Orleans and Locust Street and heyyyy what else can I say?” 

12:45Copy video clip URL An interview with Connolly: “I’ve been living here all my life, you know. I’ve been other places but this seems like the place I’m ending up at right now…. I think that I know how to handle myself. It’s just that you just live with each day. You can’t really say what you’re gonna do tomorrow because you never know if you’ll be living tomorrow, or something like that.” “So you try to get out of everyday as much as you can?” “I’m still in school. I plan on going to college. Gonna take up business management. Try to play a little football too. If I make it, you know, I’ll still remember this place because this is where my childhood was.” Not knowing the “best thing that you can do.” 

14:15Copy video clip URL Camera setup. Interview with a young woman named Stella Dickson. She’s not a resident of Cabrini but she lives nearby. Of the neighborhood, she says “It’s all right. It could be better.” She talks about wanting to be a judge and wanting to travel overseas to see “anything EXCEPT Chicago.” She doesn’t like anything about Chicago, she says. 

16:34Copy video clip URL End of tape. 



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