CamNet, episode 1501

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s.

01:16Copy video clip URL “The 90’s” channel intro.

01:56Copy video clip URL CamNet title card followed by an interview in the street about how CamNet with Nancy Cain and Judith Binder. Nancy answers “What is CamNet?” and “How did it start?”

05:41Copy video clip URL Nancy gives the house rules to maintain CamNet style, such as “never ever, ever zoom” and “treat the camera as your friend.” They say “instead of Big Brother, look out for Little Sister…we are everywhere.”

06:57Copy video clip URL Judith and Nancy try to find the Watts Tower Arts Center where Nancy prepares people to go out with the camcorders. She tells them to keep rolling no matter what. 

10:11Copy video clip URL Footage from the teams that went out with the camcorders.

11:02Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

13:00Copy video clip URL Camcorder footage continues. One group interprets graffiti on a building.

16:33Copy video clip URL Another group interviews Burger King employees about the wages and working conditions.

23:23Copy video clip URL Everyone returns to the Watts Tower Arts Center.

23:52Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

25:52Copy video clip URL In a Los Angeles hospital, the videographer prepares to enter an OR.

27:17Copy video clip URL Dr. Vicki Hufnagel explains that the patient “was plagued with severe pain and underwent removal of her colon.” She discusses her approach to medicine and her focus on solutions instead of answers. She also talks about misogyny in gynecology and how it leads to cases like this woman’s.

35:32Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

37:31Copy video clip URL The doctors operate on the patient, discussing how to ethically treat patients, especially in a sexist system, and regulate the legal end of medicine. They listen to “Take my Breath Away” by Berlin and other songs.

51:02Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

53:05Copy video clip URL In Venice, CA a man is “selling stuff” including a “spamcicle…spam on a stick” and “bottled sand” that “Richard Gere and Nancy Crawford laid atop of.”

55:56Copy video clip URL Credits roll over further footage of the man and his stuff.

58:03Copy video clip URL Episode ends and “The 90’s” channel theme plays.



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