[Chicago Slices raw: Bill Ayers]

This is unedited raw footage of Dr. Bill Ayers: PhD in Education, '60s radical, professor at University of Illinois in Chicago, being interviewed with students in the Golden Apple Scholarship Program to better train future teachers straight out of high school.

00:01Copy video clip URL Entering into the building at DePaul University. Video footage without sound.

00:37Copy video clip URL Sound comes in as the scene opens to a group of people sitting casually around a circle, some sitting on the floor, discussing education. A woman speaks of the teacher she’s working with and how her experience is going in the classroom.

02:15Copy video clip URL Ayers poses the question about changing perceptions of students with time. A couple of the students respond with varying opinions.

04:08Copy video clip URL Ayers asks if the file narrows the vision or if it enhances the vision of a student. Various students respond and tell some other stories from the classroom.

11:15Copy video clip URL Ayers comments that one of the great and challenging things about teaching is the mystery of what will happen and to start each day fresh with a clean slate.

11:57Copy video clip URL One student speaks of her frustration with early childhood education and a particular student who seeks attention by withholding love.

14:34Copy video clip URL Ayers cautions against jumping to conclusions about a child’s home life, and the conversation continues between the group.

16:30Copy video clip URL Ayers asks, “What does spoiled mean?” Various students respond. Ayers goes on to tell a story from his own life as a parent and comments on the difference between being spoiled and being loved.

18:24Copy video clip URL Ayers introduces videomaker Tom Weinberg and then introduces the group and the purpose of this meeting.

19:30Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks how they got chosen for this project, and various students respond by explaining the process of selection.

20:30Copy video clip URL The students introduce themselves.

24:50Copy video clip URL Chris, one of the students, tells the story of how this program began.

26:28Copy video clip URL Ayers assigns homework to the students, and explains what he wants them to do.

28:10Copy video clip URL As the students leave, they answer a few impromptu questions. The camera then follows two of the students into their dorm room, who give a tour and discuss how they feel about Bill Ayers.

30:21Copy video clip URL Cut back to Ayers and students having a conversation following the meeting.

32:08Copy video clip URL Ayers and Weinberg walk through the building, while Ayers talks about the benefits and goals of the program. They meet with some of the other students who introduce themselves and answer some impromptu questions. Ayers and Weinberg continue walking and discussing the program after encountering the students.

36:45Copy video clip URL Ayers talks about how the program elevates the profession of teaching and how the program introduces them to teaching in a hands-on way as opposed to learning about by reading books.

37:20Copy video clip URL Cut to introductions and interviews of students outside the building.

41:21Copy video clip URL Ayers comments on how idealistic the students are and how teacher education programs often wash that out of them.

41:40Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks him about how he works on education from the other end and Ayers responds by discussing how he works on education policy as well.

43:35Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks about men going into education and if it’s helpful to have them in early childhood education. Ayers speaks of the danger that men in elementary education can feel like they are better than the women because they are treated as unique and special.

46:44Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks him to speak about the Chicago public schools, including the myth and reality of it. Ayers introduces two other students, then responds by saying that Chicago schools, despite their terrible reputation, can make a difference in students’ lives, but politics get in the way.

49:50Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks about frustration, and Ayers notes that if you can have one good school, they all can make changes for the better.

51:10Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks if he’s optimistic about Chicago schools, and Ayers speaks about several reasons why he is hopeful. Weinberg comments on how parents may feel beaten down by the system, and Ayers comments on this being not unique in the city, but that you have to look at the positives of school reform and involvement of parents, who are empowered to change their schools.

54:30Copy video clip URL Ayers speaks about his recent book and how the way we train teachers must change because we now live in a very fluid society. He also speaks about how we need to create child-centered schools and to have a willingness to change in a fast-paced society.

57:18Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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