[Chicago Slices raw: Celebrity Softball]


00:00Copy video clip URL Static.

00:13Copy video clip URL Videographer comes upon three DJs onstage outside at a park discussing the celebrity softball game that’s about to begin. They talk about their team, a new trade, and the Old Style Chicago classic sponsors. They explain the game is only 5 innings. Judy announces she’ll be interviewing the players during the game. They comment on a group dancing nearby.

03:30Copy video clip URL Various shots of the ball field and the pre-game ceremony.

03:48Copy video clip URL Shots of the spectators.

03:59Copy video clip URL B-roll of police on horses. Poor audio.

04:13Copy video clip URL B-roll of players warming up and being introduced. Tom Weinberg makes comments and describes the action to camera. Audio signal is poor.

06:00Copy video clip URL Players sign autographs.

06:08Copy video clip URL Players warm up. Tom interviews various players about their teammates.

06:50Copy video clip URL Audio signal improves. More team introductions: Quarterback Bobby Douglass, radio personality Mike North, radio personality Judy Pielach, news anchor Robin Robinson, Bill Hogan.

08:45Copy video clip URL Audio drops again. Team prepares to play.

09:04Copy video clip URL Poor audio. Tom talks with a lady about softball legends and about today’s tournament. She introduces Rich Milman’s sons.

12:45Copy video clip URL Camera pans around.

13:04Copy video clip URL Random footage unfocused on any subject, players take the field and warm up. Poor audio signal.

14:57Copy video clip URL Game is in progress, a play commences. Poor audio signal.

15:43Copy video clip URL Audio improves and is clear. Videographer keeps camera rolling while adjusting camera settings. Footage is random and unfocused.

18:21Copy video clip URL The game resumes, shots of various plays.

20:26Copy video clip URL First inning ends.

20:30Copy video clip URL Idol, rambling chit chat on sidelines.

21:54Copy video clip URL B-roll: shots of the spectators.

22:09Copy video clip URL The game resumes. Shots of various plays.

24:41Copy video clip URL End of inning, players joke around on sidelines.

25:17Copy video clip URL The game resumes.

25:53Copy video clip URL Tom and a player on the sideline commenting on the game and socializing.

27:05Copy video clip URL B-roll of the spectators, police on bicycles. They talk about their beat, how an officer gets bicycle duty, how far they ride each day, the types of crime they deal with, their jurisdiction.

34:02Copy video clip URL Continued footage of the game.

34:27Copy video clip URL Tom on camera talking to videographer. Poor audio signal. He meets people seated in the VIP area.

36:52Copy video clip URL Ton talks with others in the VIP area. Very poor audio signal.

37:38Copy video clip URL Audio improves. Tom talks to one of the Old Style beer sponsors.

38:04Copy video clip URL Audio quality drops again.

38:22Copy video clip URL Audio signal improves. Kathy O’Leary talks about Old Style’s new beer, specialty beer, how much the new beer sells, the media to promote it.

41:49Copy video clip URL B-roll of a hand reaching into tub of ice and grabbing a can of beer.

42:14Copy video clip URL B-roll after the game of players on field congratulating one another. Players organize for a group photo.

45:04Copy video clip URL Crowd disperses. Players gather for another group photo.

46:53Copy video clip URL END



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