[Chicago Slices raw: Chicago Slices Billboard]

CHICAGO SLICES BILLBOARD: Interview with the graphic designers of the billboard.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll, street scene. Cars pass.

00:08Copy video clip URL Interior graphic design studio. Tom Weinberg introduces himself and tours the studio.

01:21Copy video clip URL B-roll of signs and posters.

01:27Copy video clip URL Graphic artist Jim looks at Chicago Slices billboard art work, mock up. The billboard is to be 26 feet by 60 feet. He discusses the creation of the design.

02:38Copy video clip URL Tom follows studio employee upstairs to the designer who created the Chicago Slices billboard artwork.

03:08Copy video clip URL Interview with Alvin, the designer who created the Chicago Slices artwork. He describes the road barrier design, its inspiration, the symbolism, how the design evolved and developed from concept to completion, the thinking and philosophy behind billboard art creation, the creative process, and how that process differs in billboard art from other forms of advertising.

07:50Copy video clip URL Interview question: What’s the best billboard you’ve ever designed? Alvin discusses the challenges and constraints of billboard design.

10:24Copy video clip URL Alvin searches for the Chicago Slices early concept drawings and talks about the designed was refined and developed.

13:08Copy video clip URL Alvin discusses the next steps in the construction of the billboard.

14:13Copy video clip URL Two employees describe the plan of action for the billboard.

14:40Copy video clip URL The employees show Tom the color palette for the Chicago Slices billboard. They work with a graphic artist to discuss and finalize color. They discuss the factors involved to determine which colors to use.

18:57Copy video clip URL B-roll of the creative team at work on the billboard design. Close up shots of the artwork on computer screen. The team discusses the design elements of the billboard layout and how the billboard will be cropped for construction.

21:01Copy video clip URL Interview question: Is it important to have the bottom barrier as big as the top barrier? Continued team discussion about design issues, color schemes, the blinking light, and structural issues.

29:22Copy video clip URL The team discussion wraps up. Variety of wide shots and close ups of the team members.

31:11Copy video clip URL Team discusses the extensions, the giant light bulb, and the electrical aspects of the sign’s construction.

31:59Copy video clip URL B-roll of the team members walk down a corridor.

32:18Copy video clip URL END TAPE.



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