[Chicago Slices raw: Cuba Caravan #1]

CUBA CARAVAN: Organized protest against the blockade of Cuba by the U.S. Volunteers drive trucks from cities in U.S. to Mexico border then to port for boat to Cuba. Interviews with ERIC HAHN, HARALD HAHN, REYNALDO ACOSTA, Caravan Organizer REVEREND LUCIUS WALKER, GISELA and GILDA LOPEZ, JOHN VOTAVA, performances by RAMONE MARINO and JOSE DAVID. Caravan volunteers in Roscoe Village disassemble bicycles, and package up aid to go to Cuba. Then to St. Pious Church in Pilsen for the Caravan send off, dinner, performances, Loading up the trucks. Anecdote by ERIC HAHN about meeting FIDEL CASTRO. Mostly in Spanish.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of a guy eating chips at a restaurant.

00:39Copy video clip URL B-roll, two takes of alley and private garages.

00:59Copy video clip URL Various shots of a garage filled with boxes and bicycles.

02:10Copy video clip URL A man roots through a box of hospital scrubs, speaks in Spanish.

03:11Copy video clip URL Various shots of bicycles and boxes in the garage, guys arrange and rearrange various items.

04:32Copy video clip URL Two takes of the exterior of garage, videographer enters garage and pans camera.

05:49Copy video clip URL Shot of a disclaimer notice on one of the boxes.

06:15Copy video clip URL Shots of empty bicycle boxes in the yard.

06:38Copy video clip URL One of the volunteers introduces himself as he tapes a box and explains the objective: to package up bicycles and milk products to send to Cuba.

07:28Copy video clip URL Two women volunteers speak in Spanish to camera, introducing themselves and talk about the caravan.

11:38Copy video clip URL Shot of pile of crutches on a box ready to be packaged.

12:26Copy video clip URL John Votava disassembles and packs a bike to be shipped to Cuba. He explains that gas shortages in Cuba force citizens to travel by bike. The caravan will ensure those who do not have bicycles will receive them.

13:49Copy video clip URL John works on a bike and repeats his introduction for camera. He says Cubans need bikes, medical supplies, and school supplies. How many bikes does the group have so far? About 30.

15:22Copy video clip URL Videographer takes picture of a map printed in a newspaper of the US showing the routes the caravans will take to get to Laredo, Texas and onto Mexico for distribution to Cuba.

16:17Copy video clip URL Close up of the map.

17:25Copy video clip URL The team continues loading bikes into boxes. They explain how much of the bicycles needs to be disassembled in order to be shipped.

18:16Copy video clip URL Interview question for John: How did you get started? John explains he’s a supporter of Cuba and of Socialism. Have you been to Cuba? Can’t. It’s illegal.

20:25Copy video clip URL John and the team struggle to disassemble a tricky bike wheel.

23:58Copy video clip URL B-roll: establishing wide shot of the teeam in the yard working, disassembling bicycles.

24:22Copy video clip URL Eric Hahn in a garage directing the team, organizing all the boxes and aid material.

26:00Copy video clip URL Close up of the content labels for the boxes.

26:19Copy video clip URL Videographer interviews Eric. He explains the objectives: packaging bikes, medical supplies, school supplies, violating the US embargo of Cuba to send these materials to those in need.

27:58Copy video clip URL Eric discusses his reasoning for getting involved.

28:47Copy video clip URL Interview questions: Do you feel endangered of being jailed [for breaking the embargo]? Last year we were nervouos. We got through and weren’t punished. This year the caravan will be larger, 100-120 vehicles all crossing the border at the same time. What do you expect at the border? It’s hard to say but the US Government is aware that this is happening.

33:54Copy video clip URL Interior of a church basement. A speaker addresses the audience about the caravan and the plan of action.

34:45Copy video clip URL B-roll of  the activity in the church basement, meal tickets sold, meals served.

37:48Copy video clip URL Close up of various pamphlets, cards, t-shirts.

40:47Copy video clip URL B-roll of food line, volunteers receiving dinner.

42:31Copy video clip URL B-roll of a man eating, describing in Spanish and English what he’s eating and what/how he cooks at home.

46:00Copy video clip URL Guitarist performs on stage in the church basement.

49:50Copy video clip URL B-roll of the audience listening to the guitarist.

50:08Copy video clip URL Continue footage of the guitarist performing.

50:38Copy video clip URL A woman addresses the audience.

51:20Copy video clip URL END



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