[Chicago Slices raw: Donna Johnson #2]

This tape contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." Ben Jarovsky spends some time with Donna Johnson, who lives in the Prairie Avenue Historic District in Chicago. She takes us on a tour of the famous buildings in the neighborhood with her uncooperative cat, Rodney, who wears a leash.

00:00Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a number of people teeing off at a driving range in the Chicago area. Sawyer gets a number of close-ups. This lasts for several minutes.

05:50Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Jarovsky on his way to visit Donna Johnson. Once there, Johnson invites Jarovsky and Sawyer into her home.

07:38Copy video clip URL Johnson’s cat, Rodney, bothers Jarovsky. Johnson fits the cat into a 100 foot long leash. Jarovsky and Johnson make their way to a convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes. The two talk about their nearly twenty year friendship, having met in college. At the store, Sawyer shoots Johnson’s transaction from through the window. After making the purchase, the three make their way back to Johnson’s home. They talk about a controversial protest during their college years.

16:31Copy video clip URL The group enter Johnson’s home. Sawyer gathers footage of Rodney the cat, who is rather perturbed. Johnson sits down and drinks her coffee. After a few minutes, Johnson grabs a reluctant Rodney and brings him while the group tours the neighborhood.

22:27Copy video clip URL Once outside, Rodney becomes very uncooperative. Johnson eventually gains control of Rodney and begins to talk about her home on Cullerton Street. A concerned citizen passes by and warns Johnson of the dangers of walking a cat. Rodney continues to be nervous and uncooperative throughout the stroll.

27:59Copy video clip URL Johnson stops near a house that Rodney really likes. The cat makes his way down a long stretch of empty land in between two abandoned homes. Rodney eventually hides under a large rock. Johnson scolds Rodney and drags him out. Jarovsky and Johnson talk about the abandoned buildings. This lasts for several minutes.

32:39Copy video clip URL Jarovsky asks Johnson about her high school experience. Johnson then quickly moves on to talk about some of the other homes in her neighborhood. They visit a house owned by a descendant of Revolutionary War General Putnam. Johnson states that they give tours through the house daily. They then make their way over to the Widow Clarke House. Johnson talks about the notoriety of the house. She goes on to say that she believes the house was a part of the underground neighborhood.

37:35Copy video clip URL Johnson talks about a house built completely out of imported Swedish stones. They then continue to walk around the neighborhood. They eventually make their way back to the Widow Clarke House.

42:26Copy video clip URL They enter the building and Johnson lets Rodney loose, though he remains uncooperative. The group walks around the house as Rodney meows in distress. They speak with a tour guide at the house who states that she’s will talk to them about the house after taking care of a quick errand. Jarovsky, Johnson, and Sawyer walk around the premises. This lasts for several minutes.

55:31Copy video clip URL The group decides to forgo the interview with the tour guide and walk back towards Johnson’s home. The group talks about Oprah’s recent interview with pop star Michael Jackson. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

58:37Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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