[Chicago Slices raw: Gerbil Bumper, Oak Street Beach Interview]

ANDREW JONES: Gerbil Bumper from PARKVIEW PET STORE. Oak Street Beach interviews about men on the beach with ANNALISE CUPELLO, and TOYMEKIN WILLIAMS.

00:00Copy video clip URL Gerbil in hamster ball rolling around floor in Park View Pet Shop.

00:40Copy video clip URL Establishing shots of Park View Pet Shop.

01:26Copy video clip URL Interview with a dad and his son in park playing ball: the value of physical activity, building the parent-child relationship; b-roll of father and child playing ball.

05:03Copy video clip URL Tape stops.

05:05Copy video clip URL Tape starts again: walkers and cyclists along the lake front.

05:24Copy video clip URL Lifeguards on duty at lake. Lifeguard Jonathan Sweeney talks about lake swimmers, triathlon competitors, and his experiences as a lifeguard.

08:08Copy video clip URL B-roll of lake front and Lake Michigan.

08:25Copy video clip URL Lifeguard tells amusing story of encounter with foreign swimmers.

09:20Copy video clip URL B-roll bikers, pedestrians, passerby, kids jumping rope at Oak Street Beach.

13:45Copy video clip URL Interview with random beach bathers Annalise Cupello and Toymekin Williams (identifies herself as Toy Jones) telling amusing beach stories.

25:38Copy video clip URL Quick interview with the little kid Anna and Toy are babysitting.

26:21Copy video clip URL Street interview with a passerby Leah Hatch telling a funny story and the story of how she came to Chicago.

30:44Copy video clip URL END TAPE.



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