[Chicago Slices raw: Greater Chicago Food Depository]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a series documenting life in Chicagoland. In this tape, videomaker Doug Sawyer speaks with Joanne O'Donovan of Lou Malnatti's Pizzeria about donating pizzas to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Sawyer also interviews truck driver Stanley Jones, who delivers the pizzas to the Jesus People USA shelter.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videomaker Doug Sawyer walks through the front door of Lou Malnatti’s Restaurant in Lincolnwood, IL. Every week the restaurant donates food that would otherwise be thrown out to local food shelters and social service agencies around Chicago. The office manager leads Sawyer to the back freezer where much of the donated food is kept. Sawyer briefly speaks with a camera-shy employee about the amount of food they donate at the restaurant.

01:46Copy video clip URL Sawyer interviews employee Joanne O’Donovan about the donations. O’Donovan states that rather than having to throw out a batch of uneaten or wrongly ordered pizzas, the restaurant freezes them and gives them away to various shelters in the city.

03:04Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to an interview with one of the chefs at the restaurant. When asked what he likes about his job, the chef states that he enjoys almost everything about it. He also talks about his dining out with his girlfriend several times a week.

04:30Copy video clip URL Sawyer follows Stanley Jones, a Chicago Food Depository delivery driver, as he loads his truck full of Lou Malnatti’s frozen pizzas. “The kids love this stuff,” he jokes. Jones states that he usually makes many stops through a number of different suburbs, but that the pizza pick-up is the only stop he’ll have to make today. Jones loads the eight pounds of pizza into the truck before making his way over to The Jesus People USA shelter in the neighborhood of Rogers Park.

10:45Copy video clip URL Jones explains that JPUSA runs a shelter for young people trying to get on their feet. Jones and Sawyer drive over to the shelter. Jones talks about his reasons for working for the depository. “A lot of people wonder what makes them happy, and I found that if you do something that you like, that you get a good feeling out of instead of just making a buck, it kind of helps make you happier–adds to the happiness you know?” Jones goes on to say, “You think you’ve got problems, but in this job you see people who have real problems and you realize that you only have a situation… these people have real problems–things beyond their control.”

15:11Copy video clip URL As they approach an intersection, Jones spots a newspaper salesman who has a stack of newspapers with the Chicago Bulls on the front cover. The team had just won their third consecutive championship the previous night. When asked about the people he interacts with while on the job, Jones comments on how happy some of the individuals at the shelter are and how it helps him maintain a positive outlook and attitude. Jones goes on to say that he took a pay cut in taking the job because he wanted meaningful work.

18:17Copy video clip URL Jones talks about the many types of people he meets through his work as a truck driver. The two continue to drive to the shelter.

20:58Copy video clip URL Jones talks about his previous work as a salesman and manager in retail before taking his truck driving position. Sawyer describes Jones as a bit like Robin Hood. Jones then explains that it is a beneficial situation for both the shelter and the restaurant because Lou Malnatti’s gets to write off the donation on their taxes, but then goes on to talk about the positive attitude he’s developed since working for the depository. The two continue to make their way to the shelter.

24:52Copy video clip URL They arrive at the shelter, and Sawyer follows Jones as he unloads the truck.

25:56Copy video clip URL At the shelter, Food Manager Linda Mines talks about the many services of JPUSA, and about the Perishable Food Program and its importance to the organization.

27:25Copy video clip URL Jones gives Sawyer authorization to use the footage on Chicago Slices. The tape ends shortly afterward.

28:05Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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