[Chicago Slices raw: Hip Hop 2 – Wicker Park b-roll]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a 1994-1995 television series on WPWR about life in and around Chicago. This tape begins with a continuation of footage of Ivan Watkins, Julian, Andrew, and Duro Wicks, who are part of the rap group Kinetic Order. This is followed by b-roll of hip hop-related businesses in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Raw footage.

00:09Copy video clip URL B-roll of 4 men sitting around in a house watching a rap artist on TV.

00:47Copy video clip URL B-roll, exterior of Triple XXX shop in Wicker Park at corner of Milwaukee, North, and Damen streets. There is no audio. Footage is shot MOS.

02:02Copy video clip URL Passerby talks to camera.

02:10Copy video clip URL Audio comes on. Continue b-roll of the Triple XXX shop and activity on the street corner.

03:21Copy video clip URL B-roll of bull dog painted sign on side of brick building. B-roll of city street and the Triple XXX shop.

04:09Copy video clip URL B-roll of the Triple XXX store window posters, displays, and customers hanging out and rapping.

08:10Copy video clip URL One customer shows off his artwork on display at the shop, talks about the atmosphere in Triple XXX. B-roll of various items for sale in the shop.

09:27Copy video clip URL B-roll of silk screen artwork.

10:40Copy video clip URL The silk screen artist shows off his sketchbook.

11:59Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Artist continues sharing pages from his sketchbook.

14:57Copy video clip URL Camera roams around the shop focusing on displays, customers, shop activity. Variety of close ups and wide shots.

17:20Copy video clip URL Customer raps. A toddler confronts the camera.

18:43Copy video clip URL Promo – a man promotes Triple XXX shop.

19:17Copy video clip URL Continued b-roll of shop activity and customers hanging out.

19:40Copy video clip URL Exterior establishing shot of Triple XXX shop and activity around the store.

20:22Copy video clip URL Interior b-roll of Triple XXX merchandise.

21:30Copy video clip URL Establishing shot of Literary Explosion shop next to Triple XXX. B-roll of street activity outside the shop.

22:00Copy video clip URL African American dads on the street with their babies strapped to their chests.

22:44Copy video clip URL B-roll of Literary Explosion. Videographer enters the shop; b-roll of the decorations.

23:47Copy video clip URL Interview with Literary Explosion owners, the mission of the store, hip hop education, its way of life.

25:50Copy video clip URL B-roll of Literary Explosion interior, art work on walls, photos, merchandise, books.

29:56Copy video clip URL Dancers on the dance floor, break dancing, hip hop.

29:29Copy video clip URL Camera’s recorded sound dissipates, dancers continue dancing.

31:17Copy video clip URL Camera’s recorded audio returns.

34:32Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing.

35:36Copy video clip URL END TAPE.


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