[Chicago Slices raw: Interviews With Chicago People]

ANDREW JONES: Chicago River Bridge Tender, interview with STREETWISE homeless newspaper seller, Taste of Chicago, guy in a Burger King costume, BLACKHAWK INDIAN TRIBAL DANCERS. Blues Chicago: Blues Band doing JAMES BROWN covers.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage continues from tape 14050. Videographer in wheelhouse of the Wendella Sunliner boat, kids enter to videotape for school project. Various b-roll of wheelhouse, passengers, city skyline.

01:49Copy video clip URL Boat starts through lock.

01:58Copy video clip URL Kids as a group yell, “Watch Chicago Slices!”

02:20Copy video clip URL Captain Joe O’Neill talks about this [sunset] being his favorite time of day.

03:58Copy video clip URL Captain describes throttle and controls.

05:40Copy video clip URL Interview question for Captain O’Neill: What do you do for fun?” (golf)

07:35Copy video clip URL B-roll Sunliner gliding down river, captain driving the boat, docking the boat at dock, passengers disembark.

09:24Copy video clip URL Tape stops. Static.

09:42Copy video clip URL Tape resumes. New location: at base of drawbridge. The bridge is rising.

11:20Copy video clip URL A boat glides through the open drawbridge. Bridge closes.

12:48Copy video clip URL Various b-roll of drawbridge, chat with the bridge tender.

13:40Copy video clip URL B-roll of Chicago River.

13:55Copy video clip URL A worker at the drawbridge on phone with a manager trying to confirm permission for Andrew Jones to shoot at the drawbridge.

15:35Copy video clip URL B-roll of various parts of the drawbridge (life ring, signage). The bridge raises, a sail boat and tour boat sail pass.

17:50Copy video clip URL B-roll of pedestrians, drawbridge rising, boat passes, bridge closes, passengers cross bridge.

25:10Copy video clip URL B-roll city buildings near the drawbridge.

25:37Copy video clip URL Change of location. Downtown Chicago. Streetwise vendor selling newspapers. Interview questions: What’s it like selling Streetwise? Anything interesting happen this morning? Are you homeless? Why are you homeless? Discussion of how Streetwise works.

27:48Copy video clip URL B-roll of city street/sidewalk, pedestrians.

28:25Copy video clip URL B-roll of “L” train passing by.

28:37Copy video clip URL Videographer comes upon a guy on the street in a Burger King milkshake costume handing out coupons to passerby. Interview question: How did you get this job? B-roll of the guy at work.

30:22Copy video clip URL Street vendors at Taste of Chicago festival. They clap and dance.

30:59Copy video clip URL Firefighters at the festival ride in golf cart.

31:27Copy video clip URL Food venders at the festival, various vendors and sellers.

31:53Copy video clip URL On-street interviews with festival vendor.

32:10Copy video clip URL Interview with Blackhawk dance troupe member. He talks about their culture, dance, how he got involved with the troupe, and what the dancers will perform today.

34:24Copy video clip URL B-roll of various Blackhawk dancers dressing for the show, quick interviews with various dancers.

38:15Copy video clip URL Some dancers give a small prayer of thanks.

39:05Copy video clip URL Blackhawk dancers prepare to take the stage. Their dance is announced, announcer talks to audience about the troupe.

40:31Copy video clip URL Dancers prepare to take the stage.

40:56Copy video clip URL Audience members watch dancers.

41:12Copy video clip URL Dancers take to the stage and dance celebration for the Chicago Bulls; the second dance is introduced and performed.

50:53Copy video clip URL Third Blackhawk dance is performed.

52:25Copy video clip URL B-roll of audience watching the dancers.

53:38Copy video clip URL Festival street dancer, street musicians perform. Various shots of singer, bassist, drummer, dancers.

58:53Copy video clip URL END TAPE.



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