[Chicago Slices raw: Lansing, IL liquor store]

Liquor store in Lansing, IL. Interviews about people crossing the Illinois-Indiana state border to buy alcohol on Sundays.

00:00Copy video clip URL Continued from tape 14108. B-roll, exterior Santori’s Liquors in Lansing, Illinois. Videographer walks into the store. He introduces himself to the shop owner, Warren Graham. He notes that people come from Illinois to Indiana to buy cigarettes because the taxes are less in Indiana, and the same is reversed for alcohol suggesting to the owner that he has something Indiana doesn’t. The owner states that shops in Illinois can sell liquor on Sundays. In Indiana, shops cannot.

02:15Copy video clip URL Graham says he gets people from Indiana in the store all week long, not just on Sundays. He notes that Indiana taxes are lower, but people still cross the border because they do a good business.

04:14Copy video clip URL Graham says they don’t sell as many cigarettes as they used to because Illinois taxes keep going up. He says there are no seasons when one alcohol sells more than others. Possibly more coolers and beer in the summer.

05:53Copy video clip URL Graham says they have a steady business and sell lots of wine and small brewery products. He states he is from Illinois and has owned the store for ten years. He says the thing that has changed over the years are the case volumes. You have to work harder for sales. In this store, he says, they have a fairly intelligent customer base.

08:37Copy video clip URL Graham says Sunday sales are very good. It varies as to whether Sundays have better sales than Friday or Saturday. There are too many variables to consider. He says up until 12 or 15 years ago Indiana was Fair Trade and they had to sell at a certain price. Illinois has always been pro-business. In Indiana a distributor can ship to any retailer it wants. Not so in Illinois. He says he can only buy his Budweiser from one distributor, Jack Daniels from one distributor.

11:30Copy video clip URL Graham says he sells microbrew beer but even they have to sell through a distributor. He says in Illinois the drinking age for females was 18, the legal age for males was 21.

13:49Copy video clip URL Graham says Santori’s had a smaller store down the block before this location. When asked if moving his location farther from the border would affect sales, the owner says it depends on where he moved. He comments that Christmas time is bigger than New Years. Thanksgiving week is their biggest wine week. May is one of their best months because of graduations and weddings.

16:20Copy video clip URL Graham says Sunday nights draw more unusual customers, but won’t give details. He considers his store a family store. If you bring your kids in here they won’t be offended by anything.

19:20Copy video clip URL B-roll of cashiers at work.

19:24Copy video clip URL Interview with Graham continues. He says they sell one generic item and it doesn’t sell very well. He thinks contests and gimmicks don’t do much to help sales, but it depends on your clientele. Most of the customers at this store are educated people, hard working homeowners conscious of the price of things. He notes that there used to be a couple of liquor stores nearby, but one sold and the other store became a Walgreen’s.

22:11Copy video clip URL B-roll of the store, racks of wines, beers, liquors.

24:07Copy video clip URL Graham talks with a customer about his car outside in the parking lot. B-roll of the customers car.

26:20Copy video clip URL Videographer gives Chicago Slices card and chit chats with a customer in the parking lot unaware that the camera is still rolling. Random footage, unfocused on any subject, as videographer walks through the parking lot in search of more subjects to interview.

28:18Copy video clip URL Videographer approaches potential interview subject who rejects the offer to be interviewed. He continues walking around the parking lot inadvertently rolling tape.

33:40Copy video clip URL Shots of the parking lot, cars come in, pull out.

34:10Copy video clip URL Videographer approaches people for interviews.

34:50Copy video clip URL Videographer interviews a guy who says he comes from Indiana to Illinois for liquor because he can’t get liquor in Indiana on Sundays. He says it’s cheaper in Illinois too.

35:10Copy video clip URL Videographer continues searching for interviews.

36:05Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing. Customer says he has visitors from Denver and he’s coming from Indiana to Illinois for liquor today just to satisfy his guests.

36:45Copy video clip URL Interview with a customer who says he is here simply because the stores in Indiana are closed on Sundays.

37:18Copy video clip URL Interview with a customer who says he is here because the stores in Indiana are closed on Sundays.

37:36Copy video clip URL B-roll of Illinois State Line sign.

38:12Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing. B-roll of the Illinois State Line sign.

38:58Copy video clip URL B-roll “Welcome to Hammond” sign.

40:02Copy video clip URL END



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