[Chicago Slices raw : Windy City West #1]

Raw footage for the TV program Chicago Slices. This tape documents Windy City West, a gathering of former Chicagoans now working in the entertainment industry at Ed Debevic's in Los Angeles. It includes interviews with founder Ginny Weissman and award recipient Shelley Berman.

00:00Copy video clip URL Pat Creadon, the cameraman, tests the camera to make sure it’s working. He shows his car and his neighborhood in LA. His puppy, Blue, plays outside.

01:40Copy video clip URL Driving through LA to get to Windy City West, we see various street signs. There is a shot of palm trees at sunset.

03:40Copy video clip URL Wendy Miller introduces the Windy City West event, a place for former Chicagoans and current residents of LA to gather. The event is hosted at Ed Debevic’s.

05:15Copy video clip URL A few people talk about the Chicago food they miss, now that they live in LA.

07:25Copy video clip URL Ginny Weissman, one of the co-founders and co-hosts of Windy City West, explains the way the annual event came about. People are only invited if they work in the entertainment industry, and around 500 people attend each year.

09:20Copy video clip URL A bartender at Ed Debevic’s talks about how much she enjoys working this annual event, and the things she likes about Chicago.

13:13Copy video clip URL Shelley Berman talks about coming to the event and about his upbringing in Chicago. He says the Art Institute is his favorite place to go in Chicago.

16:30Copy video clip URL Wendy Miller talks to a few other Chicagoans while they eat some authentic Chicago cuisine.

20:16Copy video clip URL Wendy interviews the emcee of the event, comedian Tom Dreesen.

23:20Copy video clip URL Wendy interviews a man who went to grammar school with her father, comedian Avery Schreiber.

25:50Copy video clip URL An actress/comedian named Cie Allman from Chicago talks about leaving the Midwest for New York when she was 21, and how she got to LA after that. She says the first place she wants to go when she visits Chicago is Gibson’s restaurant.

29:25Copy video clip URL The first recipient of the Windy City West award, TV executive Brandon Tartikoff, talks about moving away from Chicago. He talks about how much he misses Chicago winters.

40:00Copy video clip URL Magician Harry Blackstone performs a magic trick and talks about Chicago.

45:30Copy video clip URL The emcee, Dreesen, introduces the event and talks about Chicago sports teams. Then he introduces Morgan Moore. He thanks the mayors of both Chicago and LA for their support of Windy City West. A few more people speak about Chicago and the organization of the annual event.

53:30Copy video clip URL Shelley Berman is announced as the honoree of this year’s Windy City West award. He gives a humorous speech until the end of the tape.



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