[Chicagofest #4]

Friday. Raw footage following Jane Byrne as she walks with her husband, Jay McMullen, through Chicagofest, greeting supporters.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of a Chicago Police boat docking in a harbor and sound check in the background, with loud jazz music. Lots of sun and lens flares during the whole tape.

01:30Copy video clip URL Jane Byrne (dressed in a summery strapless dress) gets off the boat with her husband, Jay McMullen (who accompanies her for the remainder of the tape), and is surrounded by reporters as she walks. “Sweet Home Chicago” plays in the background.

02:15Copy video clip URL She greets supporters in a large crowd at Chicagofest. The crowd is very tightly packed. There is a police officer near Byrne, and many food and entertainment stands in the background.

04:31Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, Byrne continues to move through the crowd shaking hands, paying particular attention to children. A man shouts, “You’re alright!”

06:30Copy video clip URL Shots from a balcony above of the crowd and Byrne moving through.

08:35Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to a stand at the fest where people can choose oysters hoping to find a pearl. A kid yells, “Look! It’s Jane Byrne!” Byrne does in fact discover a pearl.

10:30Copy video clip URL Back in the crowd, Byrne signs autographs, shakes hands, etc.



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