Ed Schwartz #1

This is film of two radio broadcasts by Ed Schwartz, one as a guest and the other on his own show on The Loop FM. This was filmed for the TV show Radio Faces.

0:00Copy video clip URL Blank screen and then color bars with audio.

1:07Copy video clip URL Video begins with shots of tapes and soon after they enter a broadcasting studio where Ed Schwartz is chatting with his staff before he gets on air. This is apparently one of his lasts broadcasts; the other people in the studio are saying how they will miss Schwartz. He is doing a cross-talk with another show, it is apparently the end of a guest series.

27:30Copy video clip URL Shwartz begins to end his guest broadcast and soon after he leaves the studio.

29:13Copy video clip URL Schwartz starts his own show in a separate studio. Tom Weinberg chats with Schwartz for a bit during commercial breaks.

59:18Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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