[Five Day Bicycle Race raw #13]

This video contains raw footage shot for "Five Day Bicycle Race," a project comprised of live in-studio commentary and taped edited coverage of the 1976 Democratic National Convention in New York City. Produced by independent videomakers calling themselves The Image Union (including many members of TVTV and Videofreex), it aired on Manhattan Cable for three hours per night for five days during the convention. This video features a large protest rally outside of Madison Square Garden. We also see footage of the videomakers at work in the studio putting on their final show of the week.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a blue screen.

00:34Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of the videomakers testing out some of the equipment. This lasts for just over a minute.

01:43Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a protest rally near Madison Square Garden. The sound quality is poor throughout this portion of the tape. We watch as protesters line the streets in support of their various causes. NYPD officials stand together in a large row guarding the perimeter. This lasts for several minutes.

07:05Copy video clip URL Cut to the inside of the studio where the videomakers put together the final show. We watch as the documentarians make the necessary preparations for airing the program. Amidst all of the essential proceedings, the videomakers stay in relatively playful moods. This lasts for several minutes.

11:45Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg briefly comments on the progress of the program. The camera operator continues to gather footage of the videomakers at work.

13:41Copy video clip URL We watch taped footage of Jimmy Carter on the program. The videomakers also speak live with a guest visiting the studio. Nancy Cain speaks with the man about the DNC and Carter’s possible presidency. This lasts for several minutes.

16:29Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of an overhead view of a can of peanuts in the room. As the program nears its end, all of the videomakers gather in the front room to watch the program. They quietly watch as they see the fruits of their labor come to life on screen for the very final time. They then gather together for a group shot as the program closes out.

21:12Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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