[Full Circle raw #14]

Raw footage from the feminist-oriented event organized by Suzanne Lacy. Important women from around the country convene for a dinner and videotaped conversation. Airport pickups: Johnnetta Cole pt 2, Anita Hill pt 1.

00:15Copy video clip URL Audio cuts in and the video begins, showing Suzanne Lacy and Johnnetta Cole seated in the back of a car. They are speaking excitedly about a woman in a photograph. The discussion shifts to the upcoming event; a gathering of women from various backgrounds for dinner and discussion.

03:50Copy video clip URL The two women continue to discuss womanhood in various aspects, especially the experiences of other women.

05:00Copy video clip URL The women arrive at a hotel, and see their bags taken care of. Lacy introduces Cole to a woman by the front desk, before she gets checked in to her room.

06:30Copy video clip URL The cameraman, Andrew Jones, discusses various logistical details with Lacy and the other woman with them.

08:23Copy video clip URL The camera cuts away from the logistical discussions in the lobby and to a group of women seated at a round table elsewhere in the hotel. They discuss their excitement at not knowing exactly how this event is going to turn out. The space for improvisation, they say, excites them. Two of the women turn to discuss their backgrounds with each other, especially the shared interest in Seoul, South Korea.

12:30Copy video clip URL The same two women shift their discussion to subjects such as language and the differences in signification between their two cultures. Both seem very excited by these differences and how they pertain to other parts of culture and society. They begin discussing art, and how that can reveal these same sorts of differences.

15:30Copy video clip URL The womens’ discussion moves on to topics such as food and their excitement for the gathering which they are here for.

17:28Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to Johnnetta Cole, as she introduces herself to several women in the room — as well as Tom Weinberg. As she goes around, there’s a sense of reverence and respect between all of the women.

20:00Copy video clip URL Various women discuss a wide variety of topics as the camera moves from group to group

24:00Copy video clip URL These small group discussions continue, with topics ranging from geopolitics to the womens’ personal lives. A uniting theme among the topics is a concentration on women and women’s issues.

27:20Copy video clip URL A women carefully interrupts the conversation, telling the women that they must move to a new location. As the exit the room, they all introduce themselves to a new arrival in the group.

28:45Copy video clip URL Johnnetta Cole discusses the importance of this gathering with another women, with both saying that they gave up other commitments to be there.

29:30Copy video clip URL The limos with the women all pull away, on their way to Hall House, where they will prepare for the evening. The cameraman is heading to pick up Anita Hill though, and the woman accompanying him explains that she hopes everyone will soon grasp the historic nature of this event. She mentions “the stones,” and how they play into the “connectedness” of this event.

32:45Copy video clip URL The woman riding with the cameraman explains that she doesn’t know why any one guest chose to come to the event. She goes on to say that she knows that each one of these women is used to public speaking, and therefore might appreciate an event where they don’t have to cater to such a diverse and large audience.

34:00Copy video clip URL The events of last night’s dinner are described, especially the discussion of age and youth, especially the differences between American and Native American cultures. Virginity was another topic of discussion, coming off of youth, and how various ethnicities perceive it.

37:50Copy video clip URL The discussion returns to “the stones,” and their effectiveness as an art piece. She notes that they are conspicuously out of place on a city sidewalk, and therefore are very effective in accomplishing their goal.

39:27Copy video clip URL Anita hill climbs into her waiting car at the airport, and her handler begins explaining the packet that she’s being given. The schedule and other logistics are explained.

42:50Copy video clip URL The house where they’re meeting, it’s explained, was used by Jane Adams. There will be 14 women at the dinner table.

43:15Copy video clip URL The discussion shifts to the reason for this event, and how Suzanne was inspired by Jane Adams and her other experiences as a performing artist. Suzanne did one piece where she took junk cars into a prison and allowed women who were in jail, but had been abused prior to their incarceration, to do their worst to the cars.

45:25Copy video clip URL Sculpture Art Chicago is also noted as a sponsor of the event. The lack of monuments to women in Chicago is noted as one of Suzanne’s motivation for the Full Circle project.

47:00Copy video clip URL An in-depth explanation of the rocks project is given, with special focus on how it ties in to the Full Circle project.

48:05Copy video clip URL The cameraman asks Anita Hill why she agreed to take part in Full Circle, given that she knew so little about it. She explains that it was introduced to her by somebody she trusts and respects, and wishes that her schedule allowed her to spend more time at in the event.

50:10Copy video clip URL Hill commends the group that’s been assembled, especially how energetic they all are for the event they’re gathered for.

51:12Copy video clip URL Film cuts to black.



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