[Garfield Alternative High School graduation]

Footage from the graduation ceremony for Garfield, an alternative high school in Chicago.

00:01Copy video clip URL Wearing a graduation cap and gown, a student sings a song. 

00:56Copy video clip URL A teacher thanks the student and jokes about the heat in the room. He introduces valedictorian Lois Eldridge. Eldridge delivers a speech: “If we don’t know where we’re going, how can we get there.” Discussion of priorities and moving forward, and not being envious of others’ successes. 

09:19Copy video clip URL The teacher returns to introduce a poetry reading by Andrew Como [inaudible], “better known as Brother Como the Cosmic Poet.” The poet reads a poem written by Aaron Moore. 

14:42Copy video clip URL The teacher returns to introduce Willie Ellis, who announces student academic achievement awards. 

18:44Copy video clip URL The teacher returns to introduce Coach Jesse Jones, who announces an athletic award for Nathan Smith, captain of the basketball team. 

19:55Copy video clip URL The teacher introduces the All Nations Mission Band. The video cuts out.

20:19Copy video clip URL A student speech about the importance of alternative high schools. 



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