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Documentary footage of Bill Veeck compiled for an Illinois Masonic Hospital charity event. Most of the footage comes from "Veeck: A Man for Any Season."

00:26Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck relates the tale of how the elephant got its trunk, from the just-so stories of Rudyard Kipling. “And so he went home and he spanked all his uncles and aunts with his newly discovered trunk. That’s Kipling.”

01:05Copy video clip URL Narration by Mary Frances Veeck about Veeck’s legacy. The opening for “Veeck: A Man for Any Season.”

02:32Copy video clip URL Veeck at Northeastern Illinois University, April 1985. Talking about bad ball clubs, cracking jokes about his time as owner of the St. Louis Browns. “For a crowd this large in St. Louis, we’d have played a double-header. Not well, but enthusiastically.”

03:40Copy video clip URL Sitting in the Wrigley Field bleachers, talking about traveling all around the country. “The most beautiful thing is a ballpark filled with people… and the next most wonderful thing is a ballpark half-filled with people.”

04:35Copy video clip URL Various clips of Veeck interacting with people.

05:20Copy video clip URL Veeck in the bleachers, talking about the future of ballparks. He imagines people flying to the baseball games, and automatic beer-pouring machines. “You’re going to have ballplayers with transplanted arms, and some raised in test tubes with the Satchel Paige genes, which I assume they’re storing on ice somewhere.”

07:32Copy video clip URL Veeck interacting with the crowd on opening day in 1985. He narrates over footage of the crowd entering the park and finding their seats in the bleachers about bringing employees of Illinois Masonic Medical Center to opening day. “Thanks to you I am here.”

09:07Copy video clip URL Footage of Veeck singing “Take me out to the ballgame” during the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley. “This is the epitome of pleasure.”

11:12Copy video clip URL End tape.



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