Image Union, episode 0010: Animation

Animation compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Appeal" by Kevin Dole, "Freedom Is" by Ron Crawford, "Your Astrology for December 13th" by Peter Dakis, "Yo Yo the Clone" by Lillian and J.P. Somersaulter, "Saturday Night Sickness," "Superman Trailer" by Dick Greenberg, and a series of examples from several animation studios.

00:00Copy video clip URL Slate.

00:30Copy video clip URL Start of program. Image Union opening sequence.

01:15Copy video clip URL “Appeal” (1979) A man peels a banana in stop-motion by putting it through his head. By Kevin Dole.

01:55Copy video clip URL “Freedom Is” by Ron Crawford. Hand-drawn cartoon in which two characters constantly break out of one another and kill one another. “Freedom is a constant struggle.”

03:00Copy video clip URL “Your Astrology for December 13th.” Animated segment in which a computer voice gives horoscopes. by Peter Dakis.

04:10Copy video clip URL “Yo Yo the Clone.” Vibrant red and orange cartoon where a man onstage does various shocking yo-yo tricks. His alchemy backfires when the yo-yo creates a replica of himself. The audience goes wild. By Lillian and J.P. Somersaulter.

07:45Copy video clip URL Columbia College Animation Department logo.

08:23Copy video clip URL “Saturday Night Sickness.” A metal creature predating the terminator does a stop-motion dance to the Bee Gees.

09:15Copy video clip URL A spaceship takes off to the music of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The ship turns into some demon creature who unleashes a dragon. Very strange.

11:45Copy video clip URL “Superman Trailer” by Dick Greenberg. Names of stars seem to fly through the sky.

13:04Copy video clip URL George Eastman test images. He shows computer generated images that may be used for commercials.

17:05Copy video clip URL “Illinois Bell” commercial, made for Spanish-speaking community in Chicago. A talking telephone gives a tour through Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the USA.

18:20Copy video clip URL Commercial for done with cut-outs, Terry Gilliam / Monty Python style. Not sure what it’s a commercial for.

18:55Copy video clip URL Commercial for M&Ms-animated with M&Ms!

19:35Copy video clip URL Commercial for Dewar’s Whiskey.

20:33Copy video clip URL Leo Burnett, Puerto Rico does computer animation from IIT. “Colored Squares” is next, a computer-generated film of colored squares.

23:00Copy video clip URL Kevin Dole and Marion Kramer, “Once Upon a Time.” Dole struggles to get where he’s going on time and comes up against slapstick zaniness.

28:17Copy video clip URL Three examples of the work of Goldsholl Associates. First, a commercial for the Chicago Tribune, where the comic section comes to life.

29:28Copy video clip URL Commercial for “earthkeeping” by Goldsholl Associates.

30:42Copy video clip URL 7-Up commercial, looking like the words are designs drawn in gaudy Las Vegas lights.

31:10Copy video clip URL Animated sequence using cut-outs. The cow jumps over the moon! Time for a coffee break.

31:48Copy video clip URL Samples by Chicago animation house “Kinetics.” Commercial for Farm Bureau Insurance.

33:17Copy video clip URL A garden grows from a not-so-green thumb; a finger turns into a pig, and another into an elephant.

34:48Copy video clip URL “Dog License” by Paul Jessel and Bill Langdon. Animated. One dog eats another dog. Another dog eats that one, etc.

36:10Copy video clip URL Mid-show break.

36:36Copy video clip URL Jamie (Jay) Fenton and Raul Zaritsky “Digital TV Dinner.” Chance operations in animation when Zaritsky and Fenton make video art by pounding on a video game system.

39:15Copy video clip URL “Grafix” by Fenton, Nola Donato, and Tom DeFanti. A demo of a computer graphics program explained by Delfonte.

45:25Copy video clip URL Computer graphics segment based on programs by Fenton, Donato, and DeFanti.

47:35Copy video clip URL “Electronic Boogie” by Bob Snyder. Strange and abstract graphic art piece with an almost tropical sense of color.

51:00Copy video clip URL Ballyoid Cardiods by Dick Ainsworth and Jamie (Jay) Fenton. Stars or snow fall on graves that read “RIP”, which stands for “recursive image programming.” The falling snow is produced by a random generator, showcasing Fenton’s programming work.

51:30Copy video clip URL Gold spirals laced with rainbow result from Ainsworth and Fenton’s RIP generator.

58:40Copy video clip URL Commercial for “Zoetrope” magazine.

59:13Copy video clip URL End credits.

59:50Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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