Image Union, episode 1331

A documentary about the campaigning during the 1988 Iowa Caucuses. Many of the 1988 presidential hopefuls are seen "shaking hands and kissing babies," while the media covers their every move. Shot on super-8 film with sync sound.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with slate and a countdown.

00:18Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

01:12Copy video clip URL “Iowa and its Presidents” by Bill Stamets. Film opens to Dr. Isabelle Masters who explains her bid to be candidate for the Republican party. This is followed by footage from various Democratic campaign events. The clips are primarily in a collage type format. We watch volunteers frantically make phone calls for their prospective candidate. We watch as Al Gore takes a morning jog. We see Bob Dole get serenaded buy a three piece singing group. We also see Gary Hart make his way through a mall.

08:07Copy video clip URL A Radio DJ sits down with Dick Gephardt to go over what they are going to talk about on the radio. Gephardt does the interview and shakes a number of hands before leaving the radio station. We watch Jack Kemp as he speaks with elderly folk at a nursing home. An older man tells Kemp not to take his food as he walks up to his table. We also see footage from a Pat Robertson campaign event. Campaign officials rush to put together a small sound system outside of Robertson’s bus on a snowy day. We eventually watch George H. W. Bush harvest corn in a greenhouse. Cameras are heard going off left and right as Bush stands for a number of photos.

15:57Copy video clip URL Rev. Jesse Jackson shakes hands and kisses babies at a campaign stop. Jackson then addresses the crowd from a gazebo. He also takes part in an interview on his campaign bus.

19:23Copy video clip URL As the results pour in from the caucuses, we watch as they are reported. Gephardt wins the caucuses with 31% of the vote.

21:54Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the White House. Tourists pose for pictures in front of the historic residence. There is also footage from some sort of political rally in Washington.

24:08Copy video clip URL The credits begin to roll.

25:54Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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