Image Union, episode 0008

Hour long compilation episode of Image Union featuring "Truthfully Speaking" by Dana Hogdon, "Ricky and Rocky" by Tom Palazzolo, "Movement in Black and White" by Les White, "Spouse Beater" by John Caldwell, "Tablatoons" by Roger Anderson, a segment from The Video News, "Dancing Grain" by Dan Curry, a segment from the TBA Comedy Show, and "35 Years" by Slawomir Kojro.

0:00Copy video clip URL Commercials leading in to show.

1:10Copy video clip URL Image Union opening sequence.

1:50Copy video clip URL “Truthfully Speaking” by Dana Hodgdon. Different speakers play with the viewer by mouthing a monologue along with another person’s voice. Some sketchy video during certain parts of this section, but nothing catastrophic.

05:25Copy video clip URL “Ricky and Rocky” by Tom Palazzolo and Jeff Kreines, 1972. The two filmmakers use the style of direct cinema to film the Italian/Polish backyard wedding shower of a young couple, Ricky and Rocky. The pair show off their wedding gifts and guests and relatives express their approval of the shower to the filmmakers.

20:10Copy video clip URL “Movement in Black and White” by Les White, 1978. Black and white film of two immaculately dressed fashion hounds in amorous embraces of various sorts.

24:56Copy video clip URL “Spouse Beater” by John Caldwell. Caldwell tells a chilling story about domestic abuse at his neighbors’ house. However, instead of telling us this intimate story alone and close-up in a private space, he is shot from far away and standing on a football field during a game.

26:10Copy video clip URL “Tablatoons” by Roger Anderson. Tabla music accompanies experimental film segment involving scratched patterns on film and various colors.

31:28Copy video clip URL Mid-program identification.

31:50Copy video clip URL “The Video News” presents a segment on a West Town protest. City Hall, February 14, 1979. Pete Earl of the West Town Coalition talks to videomaker about the lack of Latino jobs in the city. The director of the city employment office refuses to accept Latino job applications without a five dollar filing fee. By Arturo Tellado. Produced by Scott Jacobs and Denise Zaccardi.

38:20Copy video clip URL “Dancing Grain” by Dan Curry. Many roll problems during this segment. The camera zooms in on a painting in a museum while passersby stop and look.

43:20Copy video clip URL Comedy segment from TBA Comedy Show. “Tonight on Soundstage: Barry Manilow and Kris Kristofferson.” Barry Manilow says, “I sell the food you think you like to eat.” Kris Kristofferson sings, “He’s a lonely Easter bunny and he’s stoned” incredibly out of key. Next week on Soundstage: Henry Kissinger (played by Joe Mantegna).

46:05Copy video clip URL Announcement of Image Events.

47:43Copy video clip URL “35 Years,” told on film by Slawomir Kojro. A woman’s story of the house she’s lived in for 35 years in the city of Zagreb, Yugoslavia (as of 1991 the Republic of Croatia.) She talks about her desire to keep her house despite offers from the city.

57:42Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.

59:10Copy video clip URL Post-show commercials.

1:01:51Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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