[Inside Spring Training raw #24]

Raw footage for the documentary "Inside Spring Training," a look at the Chicago White Sox 1978 Spring Training camp. This tape features a continuation of an interview with White Sox Pitcher Rich Hinton.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with a black screen.

00:11Copy video clip URL Hinton and Tom Weinberg look through a White Sox 1978 media guide. Weinberg reads Hinton’s profile aloud. Hinton talks about his transience in and out of the MLB through Triple A and Mexican Leagues. Weinberg then talks to Hinton about the bad weather in Sarasota and how that has affected the team. Hinton exudes confidence in his throwing abilities and in his team’s readiness for the season despite the fact that they haven’t been able to train properly.

03:41Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks Hinton whether he has high hopes for his performance for the season. Hinton talks about what he has to offer the White Sox and expresses his interest in becoming a developing hitter. He goes on to talk about a race he had between MLB players Al Bumbry and Enos Cabell. Hinton also talks about some of the bigger plays he’s had in the MLB. The sound operator asks Hinton whether he gets satisfaction from remembering a lot of his at bats in his ninth year of playing baseball. Hinton talks about the fact that most of his years were spent in the Mexican leagues and the feeling that he gets when playing baseball. “It’s just like when you’re playing cards and you’ve got a real good hand over here, right? And you’re betting your money, and the other person, you don’t know if they’ve got a good hand. And you get down to that last bet, and your heart starts beating. All it is is a little card game, but you’ve got this feeling in you, right? Well, I can get that being in Sabasco, Mexico. If you’re out there in the right part of a ball game, if you’re in a certain situation, you’ll get that feeling. You’ll get it doing anything in life, and it’s not going to be any more or any less from being in the big leagues. It’s just a feeling that you have, a personal feeling, of being able to do something well.”

11:27Copy video clip URL Hinton talks about the fact that he’s able to have his son involved in the game in the Mexican and minor leagues. Weinberg talks about Hinton’s desire and love for the game of baseball.

13:37Copy video clip URL Hinton sits down with Weinberg, Skip Blumberg, and others discussing his involvement in the Mexican leagues, the notoriety he has in Mexico, and some of his statistics. This lasts for the rest of the tape.

16:43Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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