[The King’s Daughters at the Shady Church Fair]

00:26Copy video clip URL An outdoor fair in a churchyard. 

01:43Copy video clip URL Videomaker Kathy Butterfield speaks with Hugh Martin, who grows his plants in a greenhouse. Customers ask Hugh about his flowers and rave to the camera about the plants. 

04:05Copy video clip URL An interview with Mrs. Martin about the church fair and about the King’s Daughters, which was founded to create brotherhood between all religions. 

07:18Copy video clip URL Conversation with two women who are members of the King’s Daughters in a nearby community. They detail the group’s volunteer work in their city and elsewhere. 

10:15Copy video clip URL The problems recruiting younger women to join the King’s Daughters.

10:59Copy video clip URL Wanting to share the video with other King’s Daughters members but being uncertain how to see it. Discussion of the broadcast schedule. 

13:05Copy video clip URL Image processing footage. Intense, colorful center-oriented effects. Unknown artist. 




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