[Making It In Hollywood raw #11]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. More raw footage shot at actress Sally Kirkland's home. Kirkland and several of her actress friends discuss the difficulties of achieving success as an actor in Hollywood. They talk about the importance of "looking the part" in Hollywood; and their experience with agents. Also, Kirkland gets a phone call from her mother, Sally Kirkland, Sr., longtime fashion editor at Vogue magazine, and from film director John Badham. (The other end of phone is heard on Audio Channel 2.)

00:04Copy video clip URL Interviewer Frank Cavestani tests the mic.

00:26Copy video clip URL In Sally Kirkland’s home, several of her friends are discussing the difficulties of achieving success as an actor in Hollywood.

01:16Copy video clip URL The girls talk about the importance of “looking the part” in Hollywood. “I have learned mostly that I have to compromise myself.” “You’ve got to look like the right person, you’ve got to almost think like the right person.” They talk about agents, Kirkland shows the poster of “Futz!” One of Kirkland’s friends tells about her experience with agents. “Hollywood agents don’t know how to sell New York actors.”

07:03Copy video clip URL Kirkland gets a call from her mother, who worked at Vogue, revealing something of Kirkland’s early modeling experience.

09:45Copy video clip URL A man asks about commercials, and being the “all-American type.” They return to the topic of looking the part, which applies to commercials especially.

14:13Copy video clip URL They move on to talking about the issues of women in acting. Kirkland says that a lot of male actors are getting parts that women used to get. They discuss the changing role of women. “For every 10 male actors there’s one token woman actor.”

18:58Copy video clip URL Kirkland on the phone with director John Badham, inviting him to the party she is hosting for the success of one of her friends.

22:41Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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