[Mary Frances Veeck #5]

Audio of interview with Mary Frances Veeck about her husband, Bill Veeck. Shot to be used as voiceover in "Veeck: A Man for Any Season."

00:00Copy video clip URL Bars and tone.

00:53Copy video clip URL Mary Frances Veeck discusses her husband, Bill Veeck, with videomaker Tom Weinberg. Voice-over with time-code only.

01:00Copy video clip URL They discuss Bill Veeck’s competitiveness. Veeck appears to be “the grand old man of the people,” which he is, but “the meter is always running.”

04:41Copy video clip URL Mary Frances Veeck: “[Bill] has a short memory sometimes where God is concerned.” Talking about gardening & rain.

05:55Copy video clip URL Bill’s big outlets were tennis, handball, and yelling at umpires. Also, dancing. Mary Frances thinks that physical activity is important to spiritual and emotional and mental well-being. She thinks that Bill is especially competitive at the present because he doesn’t have the physical outlet.

09:05Copy video clip URL What is the real Bill Veeck? Mary Frances says, “What the public sees is totally real;” there are just so many facets to Bill. She talks about his introspective side, and his need to refuel after so much interaction with people.

11:30Copy video clip URL She talks about respecting her children’s privacy, and not doing a lot of things publicly with them.

14:36Copy video clip URL “There’s a place that’s personal for each person.” She talks about being a “snob.” She only accepts favors and talks about her children with people she is particularly close to.

16:52Copy video clip URL There’s no trial run for parenthood.

17:17Copy video clip URL End of voice over.

18:30Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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