Minneapolis Operation Rescue

Footage of a pro-life event featuring Randall Terry. Terry talks about the impending "moral anarchy" of the nation and his opinions on the importance of God.

0:00Copy video clip URL Footage of Randall Terry arriving at a Pro-Life rally. Picture has a lot of static and there is no sound.

1:22Copy video clip URL Terry speaks to someone standing next to the camera. Still lots of static and no sound.

6:29Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to a woman sitting on the floor. “There’s no sound at all?” They talk a little more about technical issues.

6:59Copy video clip URL A hand-made sign reads: “Life begins with insurrection.” More signs and footage from a pro-choice protest outside the church. Another hand-made sign reads “Randall Terry condones Dr. Gunn’s Murder”

10:20Copy video clip URL Cut to a photographer taking pictures and video of the Christian choral performance and the proceeding pro-life events inside. Footage covers several different songs and angles on the singers.

14:25Copy video clip URL A man leads a prayer for forgiveness and thanks.

16:00Copy video clip URL Another man preaches to the crowd.

16:56Copy video clip URL Jim shares a few announcements

18:11Copy video clip URL A woman speaks to the audience about the Crisis Pregnancy Center. The audience applauds wildly. She introduces Melissa then steps back, holding Melissa’s child as the mother speaks to the crowd. Melissa talks about how the Center has helped her, and what God means to her. The audio here is quiet again.

23:30Copy video clip URL Terry sings and plays piano on stage.

26:06Copy video clip URL Terry gives a long speech about the nation plummeting into “moral anarchy.”

33:30Copy video clip URL Joke about a hypothetical future Harvard grad wanting to de-criminalize rape.

37:25Copy video clip URL “If someone doesn’t fear God they are a fool. And I, for one, am tired of fools running the country.”

40:26Copy video clip URL “Folks, it’s time to lay aside our own excuses and remember the words of God.”

41:15Copy video clip URL Image becomes full of static and audio drops out.

48:51Copy video clip URL Video and audio are back on. Terry is now talking about giving donations. “And I’ve got great news for you: your gift is not tax deductible. That’s deliberate, because we don’t want the IRS to put a bid in our mouth and telling us what we can and cannot say.”

51:16Copy video clip URL Terry’s speech ends. A woman talks about their planned memorial service, where they will stand with a casket outside of an abortion clinic and mourn the unborn children.

53:27 End.



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