The 1975 International Special Olympics (Copy)

A documentary about the 1975 International Special Olympics, held in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

01:41Copy video clip URL Image of a TV production studio and a monitor showing the image being recorded. Host Randal Merryman watches the monitor. Onscreen text: “Broadside Video presents The 1975 International Special Olympics. Mount Pleasant, Michigan.”

02:02Copy video clip URL Merryman introduces the program for Broadside TV in Johnson City, TN, and Wise County, VA. He discusses the Special Olympics, which he visited with teacher Carl Deskins, school psychologist Roger Hankins, and student Johnny Smith, who also assisted in the production of the tape. 

03:14Copy video clip URL Footage from a moving car on the highway, in which a man sings the Allman Brothers Band’s song “Ramblin’ Man” in the backseat. The audio transitions to marching band music. 

03:56Copy video clip URL The opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics. The representatives for each state walk around a track as a crowd watches from the stands. 

06:58Copy video clip URL William G. Milliken, governor of Michigan, delivers a speech welcoming the athletes and supporters to the event. 

09:03Copy video clip URL Footraces on the track. 

10:05Copy video clip URL Interviews with Susan St. James and Tom Lucas, supporters who attend every Special Olympics. More footage of races. St. James discusses the old stigmas attached to people with developmental disability and the ways that the Special Olympics is combatting them. 

12:23Copy video clip URL Interview with an athlete who has run several races.

12:50Copy video clip URL Interview with parents and coaches. “Everyone’s a winner, that’s what I like about it.”

13:59Copy video clip URL Montage of competitions, set to marching band music. 

15:01Copy video clip URL Interview with athlete Tony Bebber from Bristol, VA. He speaks about his upcoming race, which we then see the end of. Bebber comes in second and discusses the race. 

15:56Copy video clip URL A coach works with an athlete throwing shot-put, preparing him for the competition. He makes the longest throw of the day. 

17:01Copy video clip URL Interview with the shot-putter, followed by more footage with Bebber and the medal ceremonies for both of them. 

17:59Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “The 1975 International Special Olympics. Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Thanks to: Dilenowisco Educational Co-op, Central Michigan University, & The Lions Club. Special thanks to Carl Deskins, Roger Hankins, and all the contributors whose efforts made this trip possible. Video: Randal Merryman. Photos: Ken Darwin, Randal Merryman. Production Assistants: Johnny Smith, Bob Konarska. Interviews: Paula Swanson, Connie Fuhrman, Roger Hankins. Edited by James H. Piston, Randal Merryman. A Production of BROADSIDE VIDEO. Johnson City, Tenn., Wise County, Va.” Montage of still photographs from the games. 




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