[The 1975 International Special Olympics – Opening Ceremony]

Footage of the opening ceremonies filmed for a documentary about the 1975 Special Olympics, held in Mount Pleasant, MI.

00:10Copy video clip URL Bystanders standing around wearing shirts that read “Medical Staff.” Shots of the crowd and signage around the competitions. 

07:15Copy video clip URL Footage of the opening speech.

08:05Copy video clip URL The color guard and other processions march around the stadium as part of the opening ceremonies. 

09:30Copy video clip URL The athletes march around the stadium, grouped by country and then by state. The crowds cheer. 

18:10Copy video clip URL The delegation from Tennessee. The procession continues. 

21:15Copy video clip URL The raising of the Special Olympics flag. A Marine band plays. 

25:11Copy video clip URL Announcing the Invocation, a religious speech. 

27:13Copy video clip URL Introducing the administrators of the Special Olympics and Michigan politicians William G. Milliken and other local politicians, university administrators, and others. 

28:58Copy video clip URL Milliken delivers a speech welcoming the “athletes, parents, and friends” of the Special Olympics. 

31:44Copy video clip URL Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the founder of the Special Olympics, delivers a speech. Tape ends shortly after she begins, mid-speech. 



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