[Youth Gangs in Chicago conversation]

In a park, a discussion among young people about what makes kids join gangs.

00:05Copy video clip URL Set-up. People sit on the grass in a park outside.

00:25Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks the question “What do they get out of being in a gang?” One young man explains that children join very young, and that they might not fully realize what they’re doing because they’re so young. Another discusses the trauma of witnessing violence at a young age. A young woman thinks that there’s not much violence among the younger gang members, that they mostly engage in petty vandalism. 

02:08Copy video clip URL A discussion of how and why young gang members first engage in violence. Wanting to be a member of a group and fighting for their turf. Competition among gangs. Significant distortion. 

04:43Copy video clip URL The future for children that have joined gangs at an early age. 

06:03Copy video clip URL Discussion of how one of the subjects joined a gang because of his brother. 

07:00Copy video clip URL What the city should do in response to the problem. Ideas for organized activities for kids – basketball, shooting pool, watching movies – to keep them from gang activity. The interviewer discusses activities at the Field House by her house that kids aren’t actually going to. 

09:40Copy video clip URL Discussion of the role of parents and family. What parents can actually prevent, and how they can discourage kids from joining gangs. 

12:48Copy video clip URL Whether or not there’s anything that might discourage kids from “acting stupid.” Needing to see “something bad” happen to one of their friends in order to reject gangs.

18:15Copy video clip URL The differences between neighborhoods with gangs and those that don’t have them. Upkeep, money, nicer buildings, both parents working. 

21:02Copy video clip URL Footage of the park as people start to leave. 



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