[Centro Cultural Ruiz Belvis: Rhythm of the Jungle Dance Party announcement]

Teens at the Centro Cultural Ruiz Belvis goof around for the camera and discuss the upcoming disco night, "The Rhythm of the Jungle."

00:08Copy video clip URL Close-up on the sign for the Centro Cultural Ruiz Belvis. A dance remix of the Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” plays on the soundtrack. Zoom in to a flyer for “Rhythm of the Jungle Dance Party” on July 16. 

00:35Copy video clip URL A series of teens introduce themselves as members of the Ruiz Belvis Community Television Network. Piqué Perez, Marisa Robles, Blanca Robles, Marcelino Carin, Maria Fonseca, Milly Fernandez, Janet Dominguez, Lycette, Jose Velasquez, Javier Vargas, Martin Torres, Louis Cerenzi, Ray, Ana Varios.

01:52Copy video clip URL Jerry talks about the upcoming “Rhythm of the Jungle” disco and goofs around for the camera. 

02:31Copy video clip URL The teens goof around, singing a Dr. Pepper jingle and dancing. 

03:16Copy video clip URL Dancing to “Don’t You Want Me.” 

05:43Copy video clip URL Goofing around for the camera. 

06:40Copy video clip URL Pete addresses the camera, talking about the party and challenging the viewers to a basketball game. 

07:40Copy video clip URL Fred Thomas joking introduce the viewers to “this week’s episode of America the Beautiful in the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,” while the camera lingers on a close-up of the book by Longfellow. He then jokes about wanting to come to the disco but having no money. 

08:16Copy video clip URL Feet, dancing. 

08:40Copy video clip URL Shots of kids playing basketball outside. Followed by kids hanging out inside and chatting with each other. 

09:48Copy video clip URL End of video. 



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