Say So, episode 6

Test for a show on Chicago news and events.

0:00Copy video clip URL Slate and titles.

0:30Copy video clip URL Ann Keegan, a Chicago Tribune reporter, Joe Cummings, a former reporter, and Lee Glazer, a Chicago mother, introduce themselves as hosts.

1:40Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings talks about doing “coroner cases” at the city news, and deciding to write a novel against violence. Keegan questions Cummings on his retirement and his career after the news business. Keegan asks Cummings about the urban homeless. He says, “you don’t see them in Chicago like you see them in Washington because in Washington they’re uncertain about which of the 5 police agencies take care of it.” The hosts talk about the terminologies of homelessness.

4:20Copy video clip URL The hosts talk about homelessness during the winter. Cummings says, “When you’re on the street you know how to survive.” Cummings talks about warming yourself with newspapers while the other hosts laugh.

5:55Copy video clip URL Clip of John Belushi in “The Continental Divide” talking about survival in Chicago: “Don’t touch anyone on the street. They’ll think you want something and kill you.” The hosts talk about life in Chicago and how the movie gets it all wrong.

7:25Copy video clip URL Lee Glazer talks about a friend who was burglarized in the city, and how she was treated like “a pin on the map.” Cummings tells a story about a woman who had been raped, then confronted by a policeman who said “What are you living in this neighborhood for?”

9:20Copy video clip URL A cab driver talks about the cost of keeping someone in prison versus sending them to college: a difference of only $4,000. Keegan discusses the cost of educating children compared to keeping people in the prison system. She uses this fact to talk about the importance of curfew laws. Keegan says, “How often do you hear about someone who has committed a crime who’s well educated?” Cummings says that most kids don’t drop out of school, they’re pushed out. Keegan and Glazer disagree strongly. Cummings offers a strong solution and Keegan takes a broad turn and says that bad kids are the fault of bad fathers.

15:40Copy video clip URL Clip of Mayor Richard J. Daley talking about building new housing in the slums and “preventing the spread of blight from other neighborhoods.”

16:52Copy video clip URL The hosts discuss clean-up plans for projects in the city. Keegan says, “Remember, Cabrini Green is the result of nobody ever obeying the rules.” Cummings brings the story back around: “What has to start is love and respect.” Keegan talks about Daley’s legacy and the current lack of a leadership presence in the city of Chicago.

22:10Copy video clip URL Audio drops out.

22:39Copy video clip URL New segment: City/Suburbs. Donna Blue Lachman and John Rogers argue for the superiority of the cities while Judy Markey and Bill Sampson argue for the suburbs. They discuss issues of race, mainly. Sampson suggests that complaints over city crime and schools are codewords for “too many blacks and hispanics.” They talk about the differences between “city Jews” and “suburb Jews.”

44:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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