Second City Relics

This tape captures a Second City performance from 1972 featuring John Belushi, Harold Ramis, Joe Flaherty, Jim Staahl, Jim Fisher, Judy Morgan, and Eugenie Ross-Leming.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static.

00:37Copy video clip URL Fade into a shot of John Belushi on stage with a guitar. The sound quality is very poor throughout this portion of the tape. This lasts for several minutes.

05:48Copy video clip URL Eugenie Ross-Leming begins the next sketch. Joe Flaherty plays political analyst William F. Buckley. John Belushi eventually steps out on stage as Truman Capote. The two then take a few questions from the audience.

11:03Copy video clip URL Harold Ramis steps out on stage as a priest and begins to recite a prayer. Judy Morgan then comes out as the priest’s child.

11:17Copy video clip URL Belushi and Flaherty perform a sketch about death row inmates. This lasts for several minutes.

14:04Copy video clip URL Jim Fisher performs a sketch about an advertisement for a school for philosophers. This is then followed by the second half of the death row sketch with Belushi and Flaherty.

20:32Copy video clip URL Leming and Morgan perform a short sketch before the cast performs another sketch titled “Funeral.” John Belushi plays the humiliated son of a father who died a less-than-respectable death alongside ensemble performers Joe Flaherty, Harold Ramis, Jim Fisher, Judy Morgan, and Eugenie Ross-Leming as his grieving friends and family. Funeral was originally performed in the 43rd Revue “43rd Parallel or McCabre & Ms. Miller.”

26:50Copy video clip URL Belushi, Ramis, Fisher, and Flaherty perform a sketch about an All-American Football team. This lasts for several minutes.

29:42Copy video clip URL Fisher introduces a sketch called “Skip’s Drive In.” The entire cast performs. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

38:51Copy video clip URL Each cast member is named before ending the show.

40:32Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



  1. Jim Fisher says:

    The actress at 5:48 is NOT Judy Gold (never heard of her) it is Eugenie Ross-Leming.

  2. Samantha Noelle says:

    Does anyone know if John is parodying somene during his guitar performance? I picked up on some lyrics of his Cocker ‘homage’ Lonely At The Bottom that he did with Lemmings the next year, but he did seem to be ‘doing’ Cocker. Anyone know?

  3. SLM says:

    *sigh* Harold Ramis

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