Sexual Fantasy Party

Shot at a party sponsored by N.O.W. Conference on Sexuality in New York in June of 1973, numerous party goers talk about their sexual fantasies. Many are adorned in outlandish costumes that represent their fantasy, and they explain their reasons for choosing this particular fantasy or representation of fantasy.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen.

00:13Copy video clip URL Three balloons float across the screen introducing the program.

00:48Copy video clip URL Fade into a shot of four men and women draped in some type of fabric.

01:11Copy video clip URL A woman talks about the concept behind the logo for the event, which features an athletic, sexually confident woman. This is followed by footage of a female flasher at the party.

01:55Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a man adorned in silver paint from head to toe. The man talks about his costume and explains that it has been a fantasy for him to wear the costume for two years. He also explains how he developed the fantasy while in a college biology class.

03:59Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with a “greaser rapist.” A woman talks about her reasons for wearing the costume. “I thought about the fact that the most prevalent fantasy in women is the fantasy to be raped as well as the fantasy to rape, and I represent the fact that women should recognize this in themselves and set up scenes among themselves. It’s one of the funnest ways to have sex.” This is followed by more footage from around the party.

05:22Copy video clip URL A woman dressed as a nun explains her reasons for her outfit, which she feels protects her from unwanted advances and allows her to move more freely on the street. “The idea is to be able to go somewhere dressed as a nun but still be able to have sex, and it does several things you know? It allows me to move around the street without being hassled and also kind of starts to undermine what people believe about nuns in general.” She also goes into a deeper explanation for her nun fantasy.

06:34Copy video clip URL The interviewer speaks with a woman about her cat costume. “Although a cat itself isn’t my fantasy, just the idea of identifying with a cat, which seems to be, you know, the kind of animal that could really just enjoy sex all the time.” The woman eventually turns around to reveal a piece of tape on her back that reads “Stroke Me.”

07:29Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with a man in a “Feelthy Easter Aig” costume. His mid-section is covered by a large artificial egg shell with a hole cut into its front. He explains that he got the idea for the costume from a cartoon and hopes that someone in attendance “would like to inspect this feelthy easter aig.” The man states that he has had this fantasy for many years and that numerous people in attendance have inspected the costume.

08:40Copy video clip URL The interviewer speaks with two women about their fantasies. One woman, adorned in a fancy dress and a lavish hat, states that she is royalty and hopes to be totally outrageous at the event. The other woman, dressed in a suit and tie, explains that her fantasy represents her aspect of masculinity. “I though that there might be someone here who is particularly wanting me to take control over them and when they do I shall become very turned on and excited.” The two women then try to dominate the interviewer who does not give in to their requests.

10:07Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with a woman dressed in a “giant cunt” costume. She explains that she created the costume in a week. The woman also states that it was more of an artistic idea than a fetish or fantasy. This is followed by one more shot of a woman flashing the camera.

11:40Copy video clip URL Cut to the credits for the program. The tape ends shortly afterward.

12:31Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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