[Save Our Cumberland Mountains Rally, Nashville 1]

An anti-strip mining rally in Nashville organized by SOCM, Save Our Cumberland Mountains, on April 8, 1975.

00:20Copy video clip URL Activists hanging a banner that reads “In nine years there will be no more strip mining in Tennessee.” A demonstrator carries a sign that reads “Strip mining is more than an environment issue.” Other signs read “Stop stripping” and “Dig it, don’t strip it.” A crowd gathers as organizers set up speakers and does a microphone check. 

03:55Copy video clip URL As the crowd builds, the speeches start. A man with a mustache talks about specific legislation to tax and phase out strip mining. 

06:41Copy video clip URL Speeches continue discussing the devastation of strip mining. 

07:25Copy video clip URL A performance of John Prine’s “Paradise,” a song about the destruction caused by coal companies in Kentucky. 

09:45Copy video clip URL A singalong of a version of “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” about coal companies. 

10:50Copy video clip URL A speech from Joe Angel, who leads a singalong of “Don’t You Want to Go to that Land” by Nimrod Workman. 

14:10Copy video clip URL Angel describes Tennesee after strip mining as “looking like a mangy dog.” 

16:00Copy video clip URL Another speaker shows a picture of a devastated mountain and asserts that anyone who can look at that mountain and think that strip mining is all right “must be stupid.” 

17:00Copy video clip URL Another speaker, an elderly woman. 

18:00Copy video clip URL A singalong of Jean Ritchie’s “Black Waters.”

19:13Copy video clip URL An elderly woman talks about the destruction caused by strip mining. More speeches, not fully audible. Footage of the crowd. 

22:37Copy video clip URL A young woman makes a plea to legislators to “make a little more sense out of this world.”  She’s followed by an elderly man whose speech is cut off. Another speech about needing “to protect what we’ve got left.” Footage of the crowd as they talk amongst themselves. Inaudible conversations. 

27:21Copy video clip URL The crowd ascends the steps. Some image and audio distortion. 

29:01Copy video clip URL Inside the capitol and the governor’s office. People standing around, finding places to sit. 




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