[Steve Dahl at Chicagofest Tape 2]

Footage from radio personality Steve Dahl's performance of several parodies of well-known rock songs in "Rock on the Roof" during Chicagofest in 1981.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars/black with audio of the band performing.

0:31Copy video clip URL Video opens on Steve Dahl dressed in a “fat Elvis” costume performing on a stage labeled “Rock on the Roof.”

01:18Copy video clip URL Steve Dahl talks about the previous two Chicagofests.

02:42Copy video clip URL Dahl leads the crowd in “Ronny Be Good,” a parody of “Johnny B. Goode” about President Ronald Reagan.

05:24Copy video clip URL For the remainder of the tape, Dahl performs “Another Kid in the Crawl,” a Pink Floyd parody about the boys murdered by John Wayne Gacy, a song which he has been prohibited from playing on the radio due to insensitivity towards the victims. “Somewhere the general manager and the station manager of WLS-FM are here, and they’re like, wetting their pants right now because we’re doing this,” Dahl giddily tells the crowd.

12:02Copy video clip URL During the jam portion of the Pink Floyd song, Dahl introduces guitarist and former radio co-host DJ Garry Meier. Both men had recently been fired from their jobs at radio station WLUP, but reminisce with the crowd about career highlights, including Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park in 1979. “We thought it might be cool to blow up some disco records because we thought it sucked!”

13:39Copy video clip URL Dahl thanks the fans for making his job possible. “Let me tell you how radio works,” he says to the crowd. “Radio is not owned by cool guys like you, radio is owned by jive businessmen who wanna make money. And when a lot of people like you listen to a couple of douchebags like us, that makes them a lot of money.”

16:57Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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