[Street interviews – Uptown 2]

High school students interview people on the streets of the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.

00:01Copy video clip URL Rosalie Medina interviews Richard Kuralt on the streets of Uptown. Kuralt has been living in the neighborhood for about 14 years and he recommends a Christian preacher at Broadway and Wilson to correct the behavior of local youths. 

01:45Copy video clip URL Medina explains CTVN to another interview subject, a young woman, an immigrant from Laos who has lived in Chicago for three years. They speak about the neighborhood and about the United States. 

03:50Copy video clip URL Sandra interviews a middle-aged man who introduces himself as “Casey Jones, from the great commonwealth of West Virginia.” He’s been living in Uptown for about 20 years. He appreciates the diversity: “We have, like, a League of Nations here and not too many people bothers anybody. So we’re all trying to get together and get our act together and enjoy ourselves and live peacefully.” They talk about the future of the neighborhood and  the ways it’s changed. 

06:02Copy video clip URL The racial diversity of the neighborhood and desires for the future. Ways to prevent gentrifying out the current minority residents. 

08:07Copy video clip URL Sandra interviews a woman named Paquita in Spanish. They discuss the neighborhood and the economy. 

10:19Copy video clip URL Sandra interviews two women, sisters, in Spanish. They discuss the economy’s impact on their lives and Harold Washington as mayor.

13:15Copy video clip URL Medina interviews a young couple, Don Phillips and Doris Ortiz. They talk about the impact of the economy on Don’s school choice. They discuss the grants available to college students. 

16:20Copy video clip URL Educational and funding opportunities for Black people in Chicago. Difficulties for minorities in attending and paying for college. 



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