The Poem / Environmental Symmetry

This is a reel consisting of Barbara Sykes' works "The Poem" (1975) and "Environmental Symmetry" (1978) made with the Sandin Image Processor.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with black.

00:05Copy video clip URL “The Poem” begins. Gradual fade into abstract swirling image processing accompanied by ambient music. 

01:44Copy video clip URL The text of a poem begins to gradually appear on screen. It reads: “CHANGING COLORS TOUCH ME / SHADING MY THOUGHTS / WONDERING IF THE INTERPLAY / WILL BLIND OR ENLIGHTEN.” The poem then gradually collapses into the background.

02:35Copy video clip URL Dissolve to black. 

02:40Copy video clip URL The text of the poem is animated and heavily processed alongside other symbols in a semi-linear sequence. 

07:52Copy video clip URL The entirety of the poem reappears and slowly zooms out to center frame. 

08:05Copy video clip URL Credits for “The Poem.”

08:30Copy video clip URL Fade to black. 

08:33Copy video clip URL “Environmental Symmetry” begins. Orchestral music and mirrored video of dancer gradually fades into focus. The black and white video of a dancer interacting with their reflection in a synthesized environment.

12:40Copy video clip URL Credits for “Environmental Symmetry.”

13:01Copy video clip URL Fade to black. 

13:19Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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