[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Buchanan #2]

Raw footage for The 90's Election Specials. Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan speaks at a press conference in Elmhurst, Illinois, gives an interview to videomaker Aaron Freeman, and then speaks at a Croatian event.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:07Copy video clip URL A podium is being set up for Buchanan, and there is a large Buchanan banner in the background. Buchanan gives a press conference, answering questions concerning his candidacy. Both Nixon and Reagan suggested that Buchanan drop out and endorse Bush, but Buchanan refuses to.

08:50Copy video clip URL Freeman asks a question about differing views, and Buchanan answers by saying that everyone should be treated with dignity.

13:28Copy video clip URL The press conference ends, and a man from Elmhurst college is interviewed: “I feel betrayed and neglected [by President Bush].” A woman from DuPage County says that Bush is turning America into a third world country.

18:57Copy video clip URL Cuts to the interior of a cab, Freeman and the cab driver discuss liberalism and their past votes for president.

24:27Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to the inside of a hotel, Buchanan prepares to speak as people mingle in a hallway. The Buchanan Illinois manager talks about Buchanan’s time in Chicago.

34:00Copy video clip URL Buchanan sits down with videomaker Aaron Freeman for an interview. Freeman asks about diversity, and Buchanan’s sensitivity to the black community. Buchanan is against all segregation, but does not stand for quotas. He wants equal opportunity and equal rights. “Disagreement doesn’t mean dislike.” Buchanan describes being a conservative as having “a real thread of consistency.” Liberals on the other hand, “tend to move more with the current.”

39:47Copy video clip URL The interview ends, Buchanan talks to other press, but what he says is inaudible. Tape cuts.

43:33Copy video clip URL Buchanan speaks at a Croatian event, criticizing Bush from the Croatian perspective. He stands against a banner that says “Support Croatia” and is surrounded by papers that say “Buchanan for President” in a large auditorium hall. He backs Croatian independence. The crowd seems enthusiastic as Buchanan promises to make the first state visit to Croatia as president.

58:42Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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