[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Channel 7 news primary election night]

Footage for The 90's election specials. Channel 7 news on primary election night in Illinois.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black screen.

00:17Copy video clip URL News footage of exit polls in the Carol Moseley Braun / Al Hofeld / Senator Alan Dixon race for Senate in Illinois. Reporter says there has been a larger black turnout than expected. He reports that President George H.W. Bush has received more Illinois votes in 1992 than in 1988.

02:29Copy video clip URL Footage from Braun’s headquarters where supporters are excited.

04:55Copy video clip URL Braun enters the room and speaks to the crowd, saying they are history makers. She describes the campaign as running against the odds, but triumphant. She thanks her supporters and family extensively.

12:08Copy video clip URL Footage from Hofeld headquarters. Hofeld, who spent about $20 for each vote he received, tells his supporters that they’ve done the right thing and they need to stay tuned.

16:57Copy video clip URL News coverage returns to Braun’s headquarters where she is interviewed. Braun credits their success to focusing on the issues and pushing for those underrepresented in Washington.

19:32Copy video clip URL Coverage goes to Governor Bill Clinton’s headquarters as they report his taking the state. Report focuses on the diverse coalition that Clinton brought together.

22:55Copy video clip URL Analyst says that the outcome is not yet certain in the Senate race. He says that while Dixon can still count on votes from downstate, Hofeld is taking a good portion of those votes. Analyst speaks on voters’ repulsion to negative campaigns concerning a congressional election. There is coverage of the State Representative Penny Pullen / Rosemary Mulligan race, which the reporters call a litmus test on abortion. Press reports from the Mulligan headquarters.

31:51Copy video clip URL Numbers from the House race between Congressman Mel Reynolds and Gus Savage. Coverage that shows Alderman Bobby Rush slightly ahead of Representative Charles Hayes. Pullen speaks on a hard fought election and their dedication to their principles. Reynolds says that he will be the hardest working Congressman the 2nd district has ever had and that he has no animosity towards Savage.

39:17Copy video clip URL Footage of Senator Paul Tsongas in Connecticut. Campaign manager says that it is halftime and they’re two touchdowns down but that they will come back. Reporter mentions Tsongas’ difficulty in attracting the votes of minorities and blue-collar communities.

41:19Copy video clip URL Coverage of the primary between Congressman Dan Rostenkowski and Dick Simpson. Reporter speaks with the incumbent Rostenkowski, who had to campaign for the first time in many elections, about the new 5th district.

47:22Copy video clip URL Coverage of successful Democratic House candidate Luis Gutierrez at his headquarters where he speaks on the united Hispanic vote and his excitement. Coverage of other local races and votes on issues.

53:36Copy video clip URL Coverage of check bouncing scandal in Congress, including quotes from Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney.

54:25Copy video clip URL Report on a referendum vote to allow blacks full rights in South Africa and end apartheid.

54:55Copy video clip URL Report on the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1:00:31Copy video clip URL Coverage of Hayes race and the effect of both the check scandal and the reconfigured districts. Graphic shows Reynolds winning strongly.

1:02:36Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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