[The 90’s Election Specials raw: debate press room spin]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. In the press room at a presidential forum in Chicago for the Democratic presidential candidates: former California Governor Jerry Brown, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, and Senator Paul Tsongas (D-MA).

00:00Copy video clip URL In a car on the streets of Chicago as the radio plays, heading downtown. A Carol Moseley Braun banner hangs on a fire escape.

01:55Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, videomaker Scott Jacobs gets checked into the press conference. Then inside the room where the conference will take place, tape of press mingling and reading newspapers.

04:20Copy video clip URL The broadcast of the Democratic forum begins on a television at the front of the room. The press takes notes, and the tape cuts several times. Jerry Brown gets a lot of laughs from the press. Clinton says some very mean things to Brown: “You’re not worthy enough to be on this platform.”

14:16Copy video clip URL Jacobs asks people in the press room who they think won, and most say either Brown or Clinton. Tape cuts.

17:35Copy video clip URL Tsongas answers questions at a press conference. Someone asks about the “Lemon test,” and Tsongas has no idea what that is (but supports separation of church and state). Tsongas claims that he would do better against Bush than any other candidate.

27:50Copy video clip URL Brown answers questions at a press conference, and is mainly questioned about his criticisms of Clinton.

32:47Copy video clip URL Clinton campaign manager David Wilhelm is interviewed by the press, and talks about how Clinton fought back in the forum. “At a very basic, at a very human level, [Clinton] connects with people.”

39:00Copy video clip URL A news reporter from Chicago’s Channel 2 (CBS affiliate) tape several takes of a news report about the event.

41:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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