[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Perot bio – Three Ticket Slot – war pieces]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. First there is an interview with Andrew Wilson about producing a bio spot for the H. Ross Perot presidential campaign. This is followed by "3 Ticket Slot" by Jeffrey Lerer, an animated multimedia piece featuring the presidential hopefuls, and then several edited segments on war and firearms that appeared on episodes of The 90's.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black screen.

00:21Copy video clip URL Audio and video test.

00:59Copy video clip URL Andrew Wilson’s speaks on experience of making biographical spot for Perot. He describes how Perot’s campaign management, not Perot, approached him. He calls Perot savvy and intuitive regarding his use of talk shows for exposure. His interview is interspersed with clips from Wilson’s piece.

05:27Copy video clip URL Reporter speaks on Perot’s disdain of the print media and talent in manipulating electronic media. He says Perot would have been really appreciated by Will Rogers.

07:10Copy video clip URL “3 Ticket Slot” by Jeffrey Lerer, an animated multimedia piece featuring the presidential hopefuls.

13:41Copy video clip URL Footage from a firearm archive.

15:32Copy video clip URL “Scorpions” by Andrew Jones. A montage of contemporary conflicts around the world, from the Thai-Burma border to Panama to Iraq. The soundtrack is Joseph Parson’s “Scorpions.”

20:30Copy video clip URL “Weekend War Games” by Patrick Creadon. In Millington, Illinois, weekend warriors engage in combat with paintball guns. One participant gets hit in the face by a paintball. “You’re splooged,” says Pat. “I’m dead,” says the soldier.

21:17Copy video clip URL Footage from shooting range.

24:09Copy video clip URL “Victims or Victimizers?” by Rob Scott. In Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts: A gang member talks about why he carries a gun and says that if confronted by a rival gang, “We’re going out to kill.”

27:09Copy video clip URL Piece on the effect of war and violence on children in a South American country. Speaking of children volunteers, a military man says “Anyone who has seen them in combat, can tell you that they make the best fighters. You can train children to suppress their natural fear of pain and death. You can instill blind loyalty in them. You can teach them a subjective morality; train them to torture, to kill, and even to die. But the one thing you can’t teach a child solider, is how to maintain their faith and trust in humanity.”

31:55Copy video clip URL Footage ends.

32:12Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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