The 90’s Next Election Special (alternate version)

An alternate version of the second of three election specials from the award winning series, The 90's. This episode focuses on "The Convention" and features moments from the Democratic National Convention in New York City in 1992.

0:47Copy video clip URL Cold open. Woman sings in Bloomingdale’s.

1:25Copy video clip URL The 90’s opening.

1:55Copy video clip URL “The Samoan Delegation” by Skip Blumberg. Daniel Langkilde, an American Samoan delegate, travels 13,000 miles to the Democratic Convention in New York City. As someone definitely outside the Beltway, Daniel talks about issues facing Samoans and their system of government.

5:19Copy video clip URL “Baptism By Fire” by Scott Jacobs and Megan Vidis. With John Hart, Chief Delegate Tracker. Clinton campaign workers monitor each major TV news network from Clinton’s command trailer. At Madison Square Garden, Jerry Brown supporters demand that he be given a chance to speak at the convention. John Hart, Clinton’s chief delegate tracker, orders delegates from other states to drown out the shouting of Brown supporters. Clinton campaign worker strategize about how to suppress Brown supporters.

5:23Copy video clip URL John Hart, chief delegate tracker for the Clinton campaign, leads us through the floor operations of the convention. There will be 5,000 delegates and more than 30,000 spectators on the convention floor. Footage from inside the Clinton command trailer.

6:34Copy video clip URL Two strategists discuss what to do with a small delegation of whistle-blowers (literally) who plan to interrupt a speech.

7:06Copy video clip URL More discussion and mayhem within the command trailer. They discuss having a labor presence in Michigan and California.

8:02Copy video clip URL Delegates talk about controversy surrounding Clinton’s team. The team placed name placards on front row chairs before the convention began, effectively blocking other delegates from sitting in the front. Inside the command trailer, the team talks strategy about the campaign’s message regarding Jerry Brown’s speech.

11:31Copy video clip URL Hart sends delegates from Florida and Arkansas to the California delegation in order to drown out shouts of protests: “Let Jerry speak!”

12:54Copy video clip URL Interview with XX and Scott Johnson, the latter is giving a tour of the campaign trailer. Footage switches to CBS video. “I think we’re going to have an extremely unified convention…”

14:08Copy video clip URL Hart coaches his staff: “At six minutes into the speech there will be a line, ‘Read my lips: No second term…'” He continues: “Jerry Brown is coming to the right side of the podium to be interviewed by Maria Shriver…” Hart tells his staff to flood the area during the interview.

16:29Copy video clip URL Trouble brews at the platform between Clinton and Brown supporters. The Clinton team is visibly nervous. The team watches the broadcast of the convention and celebrate: Clinton signs and supporters are by far the most visible on television.

18:07Copy video clip URL “The Calm Before The Storm” by Scott Jacobs and Megan Vidis. John Hart: “Governor [Jerry] Brown will have two opportunities to speak on Wednesday night…what [Brown supporters] are engaging in is a debate over dates and times. Our official response is anyone who is not ready to endorse [Clinton] is not ready for primetime.”

19:54Copy video clip URL “Topless Demonstration” by Skip Blumberg. The cameras are turned on some of the action that is happening outside of the convention hall, including topless dancers advertising a strip club, a protest opposing the objectification of women, and various other demonstrators.

20:05Copy video clip URL Four women sit topless on the top of a truck: “It’s [stripping] legal now in New York!”

20:32Copy video clip URL Striking juxtaposition when a group of pro-life demonstrators pass in front of the topless demonstrators. Skip interviews a variety of people on the street.

22:07Copy video clip URL A police sergeant yells through a megaphone at a group of protesters lying down in traffic. He informs them of their imminent arrest. Cut to an evangelical preacher and pro-life protesters.

23:26Copy video clip URL “National Anthem” by Skip Blumberg. Aretha Franklin sings the Star Spangled Banner at the convention. Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother, talks briefly after the anthem.

27:34Copy video clip URL “Coal Miner” by Eddie Becker. J. R. Hamlin, a coal-miner and single parent, talks to Becker at the Democratic Convention. He says he is supporting the Democrats so that his daughter can have a future and to ensure healthcare for all the working people in America. He also says we need a new president.

29:09Copy video clip URL “On the Floor” by Skip Blumberg and Eddie Becker. Time is spent on the convention floor speaking to various delegates. Some of the recreational activities provided for members of the media are also covered, including shooting baskets at the Bell South Press Bar. Included is a brief shot of the digital voting machine used by the delegates.

31:16Copy video clip URL “W.A.C. On The Streets” by Jules Backus. Members of the Women’s Action Coalition engage in an illegal poster campaign to raise awareness for their causes. A man harasses them for breaking the law and threatens to call the police.

32:36Copy video clip URL “New York Excursion” by Skip Blumberg. Daniel Langkilde, delegate from American Samoa, spends time sightseeing in NYC. He and his wife visit the Statue of Liberty, walk to the top, and see some talented street gymnasts in Battery Park.

36:54Copy video clip URL “Button Traders” by Eddie Becker. Button collectors at the convention show off and trade some of their buttons. There is also footage of a rare CIA button.

38:14Copy video clip URL “The Nomination” by Scott Jacos and Megan Vidis. The delegates’ nomination speeches are coordinated by the control trailer. Actor / comedian Don Novello, who is a delegate for Jerry Brown, says that although Clinton is young, he might as well be a part of the old guard: “[Clinton’s nomination is like] the torch being passed to a new generation — underneath the table. The torch is being slipped to another generation. There’s nothing new here.” The Clinton family pays a surprise visit to the convention via video link.

47:35Copy video clip URL “I Accept.” Clinton accepts the presidential nomination. Betty Aberlin reads from a transcript of the speech in tandem with Clinton. End credits.

51:24Copy video clip URL Credits.

52:16Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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