[Voice of the People 3: Work Day]

Documentation of staff and volunteers working to repair and clean a building newly acquired by the Voice of the People housing organization.

00:08Copy video clip URL Exteriors of a Chicago building operated by the Voice of the People organization.

02:01Copy video clip URL A young woman crouches on the steps outside the building, smoking. 

02:30Copy video clip URL The hallways inside the building. Low lighting. 

04:53Copy video clip URL A group of young men and women talk about working on the VOP building to make it more liveable. 

06:15Copy video clip URL Howard, slightly older, comes on camera to talk about VOP in greater depth. He refers to the camera operator as “Maria.” 

07:49Copy video clip URL Footage of the inside building, which is terribly neglected, and the surrounding yard, covered in debris, while the VOP staff and volunteers work on repairs. Documentation of the dirty, sometimes dangerous state of the building. 

14:20Copy video clip URL Exterior shots. Camera set-up. 

17:50Copy video clip URL Shots of the lots surrounding the building. Static. 

23:30Copy video clip URL “Ye Old Wishing Well” sign outside the building. Significant distortion. More exterior shots. 




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