[Veeck Commentaries Emmy Entry]

Four short opinion pieces featuring Bill Veeck speaking about sports.

0:00Copy video clip URL Emmy Slate.

0:38Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about his opinion that jockeys are the best athletes. He says that for men, horses are just horses, but for women, it’s a love affair. For this reason, he says that women are better jockeys.

2:52Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about traditions in baseball. He claims that there is a conspiracy against left-handed players.

6:04Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about recent ballgames with Roger Wallenstein.

8:24Copy video clip URL Veeck in a bar with Wallenstein. He talks about being fired by WTTW Channel 11. He then says he worries about television. He says the stations are controlling the ballgames, not in the interest of the fans, but in the order to get more money.

11:07Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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