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  • [Wrigley Field B-roll]

    [Wrigley Field B-roll]

    Footage inside Wrigley Field shot for the documentary Veeck: A Man For Any Season.

  • Mark The Bird Fidrych #5

    Mark The Bird Fidrych #5

    Raw interview footage with Mark–the Bird–Fidrych, former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, for the TNT special Once a Star. Topics include his farm, family, marriage, and children.

  • [Channel 44 BV Master]

    [Channel 44 BV Master]

    Montage of Bill Veeck as a young man, in old age, shots of his autobiography “Veeck as in Wreck,” baseball, Comiskey Park, Eddie Gaedel, his wife Mary Frances, and many promotional gimmicks Veeck created. Frank Sinatra’s “I Did It My Way” plays over montage.

  • [Bill Veeck master for Heart Association]

    [Bill Veeck master for Heart Association]

    Various footage from The Bill Veeck Show, Bill Veeck’s Front Office, the documentary Bill Veeck: A Man For Any Season, raw footage from interviews, and, at the end of the tape, about five minutes of the movie review show “Sneak Preview” (1984).

  • [music for Veeck: A Man For Any Season]

    [music for Veeck: A Man For Any Season]

    Tape with just audio: Two versions of “When You’re Smiling,” a song from “The King and I,” and half of “You Look Good to Me.” Additional snippets of other songs.

  • My Daddy

    My Daddy

    This is a short clip of Bill Veeck speaking about his father, whom he affectionately calls “My Daddy.” This segment was shot for the documentary “Veeck: A Man for Any Season.” Timecode onscreen.

  • Robyn Smith #4

    Robyn Smith #4

    B-roll of Robyn Smith walking from the horse stables of a racetrack onto the track itself and back to the stables.

  • [Once A Star raw: Holtzman #1]

    [Once A Star raw: Holtzman #1]

    Part one of an interview with Ken Holtzman, retired Major League pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees, for the television special, “Once A Star.” The interview, conducted by Roger Wallenstein, focuses on Holtzman’s career after baseball as an insurance administrator. Holtzman discusses how being an ex-ballplayer is sometimes a disadvantage in his career, and comments in-depth on “dumb jock syndrome.” Timecode onscreen.

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