Mark The Bird Fidrych #5

Raw interview footage with Mark--the Bird--Fidrych, former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, for the TNT special Once a Star. Topics include his farm, family, marriage, and children.

00:02Copy video clip URL Color bars and audio of production introducing segment. They’re with Fidrych at Memorial Field baseball diamond in Northborough, MA.

00:56Copy video clip URL Fidrych sitting on a bench in Memorial Field. Weinberg asks him, “What do you do physically now?” Fidrych cuts a lot of house lots and digs/build pools.

2:42Copy video clip URL Fidrych bought 121 acres in the woods outside Worcester once he had money. “I don’t think I could handle the Hollywood life…” He laments his agent’s inability to get him ‘fill-in’ or commercial spots in television, “but I am gonna live my life here and not worry about that there.”

6:26Copy video clip URL Conversation moves to his family, “My daddy taught me how to play ball, how to do it. My mother had to put up with my frustrations, and my sisters…” He goes on to describe living with three sisters and lack of space (especially in the bathroom).

9:31Copy video clip URL Marriage for Fidrych is “way down the road…I’m a loaner.”

10:18Copy video clip URL “I’d like kids, and maybe some day I will.” He talks about changing diapers.

13:00Copy video clip URL Shot of Fidrych walking off the field, camera follows him and turns around him to get a front-angle shot. Shot of him resting on a fence and looking at the field.

14:29Copy video clip URL Shot of Fidrych approaching the pitching mound and another long shot of Fidrych from the mound.

17:26Copy video clip URL Shot of Fidrych’s farm and him pulling into his driveway.

18:20Copy video clip URL Shot of farm from porch.

19:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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